Let’s finish this Summertime Outfit Catch Up: Friday July 4th-Friday July 11th

Hello, hello headbandits!

As promised, here are the rest of my outfits from part of this week and part of last week.

Are you staying cool?? It is so hot here. It’s supposed to be between 94-98 degrees all week. Thankfully, I have air conditioning in my house.


Let’s get this party started:


Last Friday July 4th: The 4th of July!

It wasn’t as festive as I wanted. The night before I only slept 30 minutes. I was having unbearable jaw pain. I have this condition in my nerves that when my teeth get aggravated, the pain feels like an “electric shock”  as Google puts it.  It was miserable even with ib profin and tylenol. I get it every now and then. It was my fault this time though because I bit a sucker and then that started it up again.

I think the problem started 2 years ago when I had 6 cavities drilled at once. I know, I’m crazy. I didn’t want 2 appointments and I’m kicking myself now. My mouth was open for 3 hours straight, no wonder it’s jakced up. My jaw has never been the same since. I had this same problem on Thanksgiving 2years ago, but I went to the ER. They gave me Hydrocodon, but even that didn’t help. I then went to a jaw specialist and stuff. They cant’ do much for it. They gave me sleeping pills for 2 weeks and then it seemed to clear up. It’s called Trigeminal Neuralgia.

It still acts up every now and then, the last time being in Novemeber and I missed a day of school.


This time I waited it out through the night. It was bad. The night had never felt so long. I went to the Urgent Care in the am and I was mad, they couldn’t prescribe pain meds. The lady at the front window should have told me that. I ended up staying for something else that I had avoided getting checked out (nothing serious-I just get psoriasis on everything), so I guess it wasn’t a wasted trip. The pain ended up going away though, so I was good. It’s a weird thing. I probably should go back to the jaw guy, but they can’t really do much for it. I didn’t call my dentist either because last time he just told me to go to the ER, but then my mom was getting her teeth cleaned by the dentist’s wife (who also works there) and she said he could have prescribed me pain meds. I guess next holiday, I’ll have to remember that-haha! It seriously happens every few holidays.

A friend of mine told me I could alter 3 each of tylenol and ib profin and that worked. I wish I knew it the night before.

I did have a good 4th though after that. My dad’s sister and brother-in law were in town from Maryland, along with his other sister from Oregon, and we had our Grandma over too (dad’s mom who lives here). We had a barbecue of burgers, hot dogs, and salads. I was mad I couldn’t eat that well because of the pain in my mouth. My Aunt brought over a Boston Cream Pie and it was DELICIOUS. I’ve never had it before, except the one we had was a cake, so I don’t know why they call it a pie, unless it’s a saying.

I didn’t go to the fireworks because I had enough fireworks in my mouth-haha!


What did you do??

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday by the way. I usually spend it with my other cousin in Longview, WA not Cali. I’ve spent probably 5 or 6 4th of July’s there. I haven’t made it the past view years though. It’s fun there because you can shoot fireworks off in your front yard legally. You can’t here. I just have found childhood memories of hanging with my cousin doing stupid things like making funny YouTube videos, having pop it fights, playing hide and seek at night, watching a movie every night before bed, going on bike rides, and my favorite is they always have this party at the lake. It’s not a real lake to swim in. It’s this big park around a “lake” and they have food, events, and lots of vendors selling stuff. It’s so fun. I miss it.


Ok here is what I wore now that I blabbed your ear off:


Pants-Nike via a thrift store. White tank-Target. Other one-thrifted. It’s a kids one. You can buy kids shirts and then they are automatically a crop top haha! I love it. I think it’s from Justice. Hair bow-The Fair. It’s not a shop. I mean the county fair! Sandals-Bandals also from The Fair.



4th of July look-2014


Some of these outfits I wasn’t able to take a picture of me the day of because my camera on my phone was full. Now I deleted a bunch of pictures and we’re back in business.


Top middle: Saturday 7/5/14. I went to some thrift stores by myself and to see my Grandma. Tank-Ross. Skirt-Old Navy.

Top right: Sunday 7/6/14. I love this maxi dress I got a few years ago at Forever 21. It’s such a fun print and the fabric is soft. Headband-Target kids. I went to eat at Olive Garden with my family.

Bottom left: Monday 7/7/14. I went for a drive with my family and we had a bbq. Dress-Macy’s. Headband-Dollar Tree.

Bottom middle: Tuesday 7/8/14. That day I worked on transferring all my pictures off my cell phone (over 5,000) to my computer. It took all day! Now I probably should put some of the ones on my computer on a thumb drive or “the cloud” because I don’t want it to eat my memory up on my computer. I don’t even know what people do with pictures now a days. I then later watched the PLL 100th episode. Did you like it? It was pretty intense, especially the end.

Dress-thrifted in the kids section, but it’s from Walmart of Shopko because the brand is Faded Glory and I know that brand is sold at both stores. I then found a matching sweater in my wardrobe by accident. It’s thrifted locally too. Score! I love when you have things that match and you didn’t even know.

Bottom right: I got those shoes on Saturday 7/5/14. They are Sperry Top-Sider. I love that brand. I don’t have a real pair though in adult sizes. I have a kid pair that I haven’t worn yet. They feel kind of big to me now though. This pair I got thrifted for about 2.50! You can’t beat that. They retail for 60-80 bucks. These look brand new too. I don’t k now who wouldn’t want them. They are quilted, black, and gold. My fav.


June 4-8 2014 looks



This purple dress must be Wednesday 7/9/14. I don’t remember what I did. I probably didn’t do much. I got this dress in Leavenworth, WA for 10 bucks. Leavenworth is such a fun place. It’s up by Wenatchee. It’s this little town that is fashioned after Germany. It’s so fun to go to. We usually go once every Summer. I hope we make it this year.

The tank under it is from Old Navy, but it’s thrifted.





This is Thursday 7/10/14. We did some errands. Met up with my dad for lunch and went to my Grandma’s. I love going there because her place puts out cookies everyday and water with fruit in it. Mmm. I wore the same Old Navy tank but with athletic Target shorts. Nothing fancy. I don’t remember where I got this sunnies. They are so fun. I forgot about them.






This was yesterday Friday 7/11/14. I had a job interview. I think I did good. It is for an office assistant job. Not my dream job, but it’s full time and has benefits. I need something right now to make a dent on my student loans and to save some money. We shall see.


Dress-Cynthia Rowley via TJ Maxx (under $30). Love the gold zipper in the back. Headband-Payless. Flats-Old Navy. I love the gold stacked heel. Bag-Coach via Macy’s. Timex watch. F21 sunnies. Pearl necklace, gold bangle-I got them at junk shows.


Job Interview look 2014 JIL accessories 2014



This is Friday night. I changed into something more comfortable. This dress reminds me of a Roman goddess number. It folds over in the middle. It’s comfortable. I got it at Plato’s Closet for a dollar. I’ve had it for a few years and just now wearing it.

July 11.2014 look




Ok, now we are caught up for reals now! Snaps for staying with me.


I didn’t do today’s (Saturday) as I’m not really dressed right now.


Later, we are having homemade meat balls and spaghetti with broccoli and cheese sauce. I can’t wait.


Have a good weekend.


Spades forever!


Stay fabulous!







Summertime Outfit Catch Up: Saturday June 14th-Thursday July 3rd

Hello, hello headbandits!

As promised, here are all the outfits I’ve been wearing lately. Let’s start backwards with the most recent. I have a few others from last week (7/4/14 to today 7/8/14) that I will be sure to update in the next few days.

As I said, I’ve just been busy applying for jobs and really putting everything into it. Hopefully, my hard work pays off soon.

Hope you had a good 4th of July. I will talk about mine in my next post, but first let’s get caught up.

Some of the pieces I wear throughout, so I’m not going to keep repeating them. Pieces like these:

Sandals same throughout-Bandals

Straw bag same throughout- Thrifted with a thrifted Liz Claiborne scarf tied on it (1.99)!

Timex watch same throughout-it was a gift, but it’s from Shopko.

F21 sunnies same throughout.

Top left: Thursday 7/3/14. Doing some errands. Dress-Target and I was at Target, oddly enough. I’m wearing a dotted bow belt from a Macy’s Dress.

Middle: Wed 7/2/14. Going to a few local shops. One is the new carrier of Vera Bradley bags, so I had to check it out. I love Vera! She does really fun printed bags in cool shapes.  Dress-Gap Outlet. Ross headband. The bracelets are from a craft fair (I twisted them together). The bow belt is from an old American Eagle shirt that was given to me.

Top right: Tues 7/1/14. Dress-Walmart kids. Zebra Bow-the fair. Headband-Dollar Tree…kind of bummed. It just snapped and I was wearing it like mad. I love mixing leopard and zebra.

Bottom left: Sat 6/28/14. Going to some shops with my mom. Grey maxi-It’s Target, but I got it at a thrift store over on the west side. Hot pink sports bra-It’s also Target, but I got it at Goodwill. The necklace is thrifted too. I guess it’s all thrifted, except my shoes and I’m wearing that Dollar Tree headband again. I don’t know if you can tell,but I braided my pony in the back this day. I loved it. Sups cute!

Bottom middle: Thurs 6/26/14. Everyone is all “USA, USA, USA” for The World Cup. I haven’t been watching, but it made me want to wear USA colors. Dress-Target kids. It was their 4th of July dress last year. Headband-Target dollar section.

Bottom right: Wed 6/25/14. This was the day I got to hang out with my cousin’s at a super nice hotel in my town that is comparable to The Plaza. I took pictures, but I didn’t include them. Guess I should have. My cousins are in 5th grade and 1st. They both told me that hotels don’t have a 13th floor. I never knew that. I guess it’s a superstition. Now I want to look at all hotels and see if that’s true. My cousin (the 5th grader) also thinks this hotel is haunted too. It was super fun though. We saw Maleficent too and went swimming in the pool. Dress-Cynthia Rowley via TJ Maxx. I love Cynthia Rowley. I have a black one too that is similar, but it has sleeves. I want a CR dress in every color now. The quality of the fabric and the shapes are so good.

june 3



Some of these are a little backwards, but bear with me:

Top left: Tues 6/24/14. I must have just been hanging out at home. Headband, tee, and shorts-Target.

Top Middle: Mon 6/23/14. It was National Pink Day. I went out to eat with my family to Red Robin and hung out. Dress-Target kids. Fascinator-Hobby Lobby.

Top right: Sun 6/22/14. Skirt, tank-thrifted. Ross hair flower…kind of hard to see. I remember this day I went to a few shops with my mom, as well as my favorite junk shop that every so often in summer has an outdoor shop hop with local vendors. It’s really fun. I got a skate bag (on Instagram if you follow me), silver sparkly heels (very Dorothy), and a pair of white slip on shoes that are lined in aqua (very kate spade for keds). I will have to post the other treasures.

Bottom left: Also Sun 6/22/14. I must have went on a bike ride before I did stuff. Tank-Target. Spandex shorts-Under Armour, but they were given to me as a handmedown. Shoes-Puma via Ross. Sports bra-thrifted Target.

Bottom middle: Sat 6/21/14. I was a “backstage mom” at a dance recital for this little girl I’ve babysat since she was a baby. It was pretty fun, but kind of boring waiting for their next numbers. There was over 40 numbers from little toddlers up to adults. It was cool being behind the stage though because it was the same stage that Wicked performed on. That’s probably the closet to the stage I’ll ever get. Then I walked around the park with my friend, James. Pants-LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s. Tank-Gap. Converse, bag, cardigan-thrifted. It’s hard to see, but I’m wearing a zebra headband (can’t remember where I got it) and a zebra bow (the fair). I wore teal, pink, and zebra because those were in the girls’ costumes. I wore teal and parked on teal too. That cracked me up as well. A happy accident.

Bottom right: This is a two parter. I wore this dress two different ways. This was Fri 6/20/14 NIGHT. I wore this to a local theater production of Guys and Dolls. Luck be a lady tonight! I like when they’re in Havana. kate spade could have dressed them. Dress-Old Navy via Goodwill. Bow belt-listed above. Cardigan-Marshalls. After the jump will be how I wore it during the day.


june dresses 1



Top left: Friday 6/20/14 DAY. I took a test for a job at our local newspaper. It’s full time and has benefits. We only have one local newspaper and hardly any openings come up, so I jumped at the chance. It’s not writing exactly. It’s posting stories to their Facebook and Twitter pages. I might get to do a little writing, but it would be a great way into the writing field. I’m supposed to hear back this week and keeping my fingers crossed that I get an interview. I asked HR about it last week. Either way you are supposed to hear. I’m guessing if you get a letter, it means you didn’t get picked, but if you get a phone called, you did. I hope I get a phone call. Then later that day I had to go to dress rehearsal for the dance recital backstage gig. Here I wore it with my kate spade glitter bow belt and Coach bag.

After this, I think these are in the wrong order too.

Top middle: Tues 6/17/14. I had a job interview. It went good, but it was a start up company. I have heard of them and I thought it would be a good fit because it was a local fashion company, but they weren’t as “started up” as I thought. They couldn’t pay me an hourly wage and it was all commission based. I thought about just doing it on the side because it would have been good experience, but it would have taken too much up of my time and it’s a full time job just looking for a job, so I passed on that. My energy needs to be on something that pays right now. Those student loans won’t pay for themselves! I with them the best though.

It’s hard to see because it was kind of dark. Boots, top, cigarette pants-thrifted. Coach bag via Macy’s. The jacket is from Macy’s too. Leopard scarf-Kmart. I’m also wearing a skinny black bow headband from Urban Outfitters.

Top right: Thur 6/19. My friend Paula, who always does my nails, did my nails. I thought of this combination to get ready for The 4th of July, which is my favorite holiday. All the colors are Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure. I didn’t get down their specific names though. SHCSM is Paula’s favorite type of nail polish because of the quality and the fact that it’s like 3 polishes in one. She did a good job free handing the stripes! I was too scared to do it. She also later did her nails just like this but inverted. Hers were all blue, but then the accent was red with white stripes. Cute! I love having Paula do my nails because I am so bad at it, lazy, and she does a great job. I want to try the new Sally Hansen gel polish, but like it’s gel polish that doesn’t need the UV light.

Bottom left: Mon 6/16/14. I went to this family dinner party to see a bunch of family from out of town. Dress-Goodwill kids section. It’s Charter Club. Cardigan-Old Navy. Dollar Tree headband.

Bottom middle: Also, Monday 6/16/14. I think my dad and I went for a walk in the morning. Jacket-The North Face (kids section). Pants-Nike. Shoes-Puma via Ross. Sunnies-Goodwill.

Bottom right: Sat 6/21/14. I posted this on Instagram along with a selfie of me with the shoe, but this is the whole shoe. I’ve been looking for this shoe around town forever. It was spotted outside of the theater Wicked was performed at. In fact, I thought it was for Wicked, but then the second time I saw Wicked, it was gone. Then I just spotted it at the downtown mall. It was made by a local artist. It was for a stiletto run.


june 2



FINALLY. My Graduation Day. Saturday 6/14/14. It was kind of sucky because it was pouring down rain the morning of my graduation. I was worried because the ceremony was outside. It cleared up for my ceremony and warmed up, but unfortunately for the 9 am ceremony, they got rained on. It was a surreal experience.

Dress-JCPenney. It was 2.97! Long sleeve tee-Gap via thrift store. Necklace-thrifted or it was my Grandma’s. I can’t remember. I have two like it. Leggings-JCP. Sparkly Dorothy Slippers-Target kids. I thought I was going to have to wear my rainboots. That’s why they are seen next to my shoes (lower right). Heart Sunnies-Rue 21. I carried my little kate spade gold cross body under my robe because I wanted to be able to take pictures.

Here is something I wrote about my graduation day the day of on Facebook:


Graduation was awesome. I know I’ve been done for a while now and already have my diploma, but today made it official for reals. It was everything I dreamed of and more haha! I mean the ceremony itself is kind of boring, but the energy is wild. Being around everyone who has worked just as hard as you to reach the same goal is everything. Hearing your name called and all your classmates called feels good. It makes me have fuzzies inside. It was especially special because I never did my graduation at community college. I didn’t get into school until I came to Eastern. I never wanted to be a student until I was at Eastern and then once I got into it, it was too late because I was done. I wish there was a job that was like school. I could write a whole novel, so maybe I should save the rest for my blog, but I feel so accomplished today and blessed. I was the first person in my immediate fam to go to college and I have always wanted to go to college and graduate since I was a little girl. It feels good to reach that goal and it wasn’t after many hardships (like anyone) and some crazy good times. Shout out to my parents and bro for always supporting me and my old work and co-workers. It’s true, I grew up at the daycare and it shaped me into who I am today and helped me put myself through school. Here’s to the class of 2014 and congratulations on all your hard work!





graduation collage



Ok! Now we are mostly caught up again. Thanks for staying with me. Snaps for you!

Do you watch Pretty Little Liars?? I do. I’m obsessed. Tonight is the 100th episode and I can’t wait.

Did you get anything on katespade.com?? For like almost a month, the sale items were an extra 25% off. It just ended last night at midnight. Sorry, I didn’t remind you, but I’m sure you true kate spaders knew. It kind of made me mad because they put that up after I bought my kirk park maise in hot pink with a red bow. I was going to ask if I could get an adjustment, but it was after I already got another adjustment and it was more than 14 days out. The bag was 208 at first and then like a week later they put it at 174. They adjusted the price and I had an extra 15% coupon, so I got it for $147.90. It would have been nice to get an extra 25% off from that, but I figure I basically did since they slashed the price twice.


Spades forever!


Stay fabulous and cool! Man, it’s been in the 90s here this week.






National Sunglasses Day

Hello, hello headbandits!

I wanted to do a quick post for you today between applications.

Today is National Sunglasses Day. I never know when any of these days occur, but see them pop up on social media. I guess Monday was National Pink Day. Who knew?!? I wonder who invents each day and how do you get something to be a national day? It cracks me up though. Some of the days are pretty crazy.

Here is a picture I posted on Facebook from a year ago. I love these giant blue thrifted sunnies. They are Grandma Chic, no? The other pictures were taken today. I’m wearing my kate spade new york cat eye sunnies in orange and pink that I got at the outlet back in Novemeber. I forgot the exact name of them. They were also on sale and I hear the sunnies never go on sale at the outlets like you can’t ever use the extra discounts and I could this time. Lucky me. Then there is my handmade sunglass holder that I made myself. It’s made out of an art canvas and ribbon. Super easy. It was originally for my hair bows, but I had too many and decided it would be perfect for my sunnies. It actually hangs horizontally, but I had to flip it for the picture.


national sunglass day

I’m such a sunglasses junkie, if you couldn’t tell. Not only are sunglasses a cute accessory, but they legitimately protect your eyes from the sun and I think eye health is one of the most underrated healths out there. I wear my sunnies year round because you can even get sunburned on your eyes in winter time (of all things!). My favorite fact: the snow reflects 80% of UV rays.

It’s funny, I have two pairs of Ray Bans, the kate spade’s, and then countless other cheapies, but I only wear these same Forever 21 black pairs. I love the shape and how dark they are. I don’t know what I’ll do if they break. I think they already have, but my dad replaced the little screw with a toothpick.  He’s such a little Mr. Fixit.


my fav sunnies

Here is an article I wrote last spring at my college newspaper about some ways to protect yourself from the sun. We had a really warm spring, but now it’s gotten cold and has been rainy the past two weeks. I want the sun and warmth back.


Anyways, back to the grind and hopefully maybe this afternoon I can catch you all up on my outfits!


Spades forever!


Stay fabulous!





Where have you gone??

Hello, hello headbandits!

I just wanted to put a PSA out there that I will most likely be away for a while (if you couldn’t already tell). I’ve been so busy going on job interviews, tests for jobs, and other shenanigans that I haven’t had much time left to blog. It would be nice if I could actually land one of these jobs, so hopefully I have some good news coming. If not, I don’t know what I’ll do. I guess I’ll have to get a daycare job or something in the mean time. Meh. It’s easy work and what I’m good at. Plus day cares are always hiring subs, but I really didn’t want to go back to it.

I had my college graduation ceremony two Saturdays ago too, so it’s been a busy time for me.

I promise soon though I will do a big round up. You can follow me in real time over on Instagram and I have been putting most of my outfits up on there.

Tonight I get to play “Haley at the Plaza” and babysit my cousins from out of town at this super nice hotel in our downtown area. Ok, it’s not the Plaza per se, but it’s our version of the Plaza.

I used to say where my titles of my posts come from, but I keep forgetting to do that. I like to rip on pop culture references. I think this one is some 80s song.

Chat soon and sorry if I’m away for a while, but now you know why.


Spades forever!


Stay fabulous!






Welcome Back

Hello, hello headbandits!

Sorry I have been MIA lately. I’ve really been hitting the pavement with these job applications. Remember my last post? I was feeling kind of down because I hadn’t found a job yet and then about 30 minutes after publishing that post, I had an offer for a job interview. I thought it was a sign. It was for a job at a local publishing house, which I thought would be perfect with my English degree background. It was just part time receptionist type work, but still anyway to get experience in my field and in my hometown is hard because we don’t have as many writing opportunities as other big cities.

I thought the interview went really well. The boss was really nice and chill. I liked that the interview was laid back and it felt like we were having a conversation instead of being drilled 20 questions (which is the worst type of interview). I never heard back, so I assume I didn’t get the job.   It’s frustrating when they say they will get back to you either way and then don’t. That’s why I appreciate sites that give you an automated e-mail that tells you if you got the job or not. Some jobs will send you a letter in the mail to tell if the position has been filled, which I really appreciate. Otherwise it’s just a waiting game and that’s the worst.

I had another interview yesterday for another receptionist type job and that went really well too. It was for a local linen/uniform company. I think they rent out uniforms and clean them or something. I don’t know they exact details. This boss was really nice too. Both times they were women bosses which I love that. I love strong women. The lady was really nice and personable. She gave me a lot of compliments on all my accomplishments which was nice. It’s helpful when the person interviewing you is nice and not scary.

Once I had an interview about a year ago for a medical receptionist job and it was another lady interviewing me, but she was so intimidating and scary. There was actually 3 people in the room (one gal and two guys) and that made me so nervous having so many people in there. They asked why I wanted to work in the medical field and I said I thought it sounded fun. They laughed at me, so that definitely was the wrong answer. Yikes. I’m glad I am getting all these interviews because it is good experience. I never really had an interview for my first job at the daycare because I was a volunteer there first and knew everyone, so I never knew what to expect for real interviews.

But back to my interview yesterday. I felt good when I was there, but later that night and when I got home I felt kind of morose. I felt I did so good on the interview, I might be offered the job and I dreaded that call because I realized later I didn’t want the job at all.  The place was a warehouse and it was clean, but kind of dingy like it had old laminate type cream tile and those fluorescent type overhead lights. I don’t know, it’s just kind of depressing look and feel. I feel terrible for saying that because I’m sure it’s a great place to work at, but it makes me feel a little down that I have to go for these type jobs like I don’t want to be a secretary my whole life. It’s depressing. I think the lady realized it wasn’t what I wanted either and I’m glad I haven’t got called yet. She noticed all my writing stuff and could tell it was my true passion.  It’s hard with my degree (English) because I don’t have a job set up for me right away like if I was a nursing student or an accounting student. Usually anything in the medical field and accounting can find a job right away. I see jobs for them all the time advertised in the paper. It’s harder where I live too because we don’t have many outlets for writers…that pays. I wish I could find something that I sort of enjoy for now and can save money, so I can move. I think I said this before, but my dream is to move to NY and write for a fashion magazine…it’s going to be a long road for sure. Every time I write a new blog post, I say I never knew it would be so hard to be out of college, but today it feels even more hard! I just got to keep my head up and not give up. Realistically, I am going to have to take a receptionist type job soon to be able to save money for a while, so hopefully I can find one I like enough.

It’s hard too because I am extremely picky, which I know I can’t be right now, but again, it’s hard. I did love my last job probably the first 5 years, but then I grew out of it once I got a little older. It was fun to just get paid to play with kids until it felt like work. I was spoiled because I got weekends off, holidays, and I never had to work past 6:30 pm. I want a job similar to that, but it’s not always the case.

My friend Paula (hey girl!) was giving me some good advice last night and stuff. She always knows what to say. She reminded me that I only really started looking and I have been getting quite a few interviews, so just keep your head up and stay positive. I feel better today. I also have an interview with a local fashion type firm on Tuesday (more details later). Basically it’s like a thrift store online. I’m excited because where I live there are virtually no fashion jobs unless you want to do retail. Ew. Sorry that makes me seem shallow, but I love shopping so much, retail ruins it for me. I worked at Gap once (ha only 3 days) and hated it. I love shopping there. Funny how that works out. Wish me luck though! It sounds like a fun job. It says it’s commission based and that freaks me out because I’ve never worked commission, but we’ll see what I find out and it would be great experience and something I enjoy.

Anyways, that’s why I haven’t been here lately. Let’s catch up and see what else I’ve been doing in the mean time. I started using a watermark on my picstures because I don’t want anyone to use them to CatFish someone haha! Seriusly, you never know these days. I wish I had an app on my phone that does that. I had to do it on my computer. I love BlackBerry, but it is true they don’t have as many apps as other phones. I should look again to see if I can find one.

BREAKING UPDATE MID WRITING (3:25 PM Fri): The lady from the linen company just called me to tell me I didn’t get the job. Wow, that’s classy. I really appreciate it because like I said earlier most jobs don’t do that or follow through and tell you that the position was filled. I love when people keep their word. She told me good luck in my writing and that she hoped to see something in print with my name on it. That’s so sweet. That made my day. I’m so relieved. She said someone else got it with more experience, but I think she knew it wasn’t a good fit for me. I like that lady. I will remember her always.

Ok, now back to what I’ve been up to.

This was Friday May 30th after I posted that other post. I just wanted to share a few finds I found, but didn’t purchase. Top left: Ugg boots at Nordstrom Rack. If I had money, I would have bought them. I have never seen the women bow ones only the kid ones.  Top right: a hot pink kate spade bag also at Nordstrom Rack. It was even brighter in person. I have never seen it before. The tag said sinclair orchard valley pinksaphre. The price is 229.97. That’s too much for me, but I love the color and shape. The bottom left is Old Navy and I think it was between 20-22. Again, love the color. I’ve been looking for one that color. The bottom right is also Old Navy. They remind me of the kate spade for ked shoes. If you don’t want to pay 75 bucks or do your own DIY, you can have them for 17.95! That’s pretty good, but still too expensive for me. All my clothes or shoes or 10 dollars or under, I swear. Once in a while, I will pay more for shoes, but they have to be real leather or a good brand.

pink bag pic mix


Some of these have been on Instagram if you follow me, so bear with me.

Top left: Saturday 5/31/14. Dress-vintage via thrift store. I think it was 3.99. The bag is thrifted too. Sandals Bandals.

Top middle: Sunday 6/1/14. Dress-vintage via junk shop in Camano Island last summer. This is the first time I’m wearing it. It’s so cute! I even discovered it had pockets. Such a surprise. I love pocketed dresses. It has a sweetheart neckline too. Bandals sandals again. Headband-Ross.

Top right: Monday 6/2/14: for my job interview to that publishing place. Dress-Macy’s. I love how it has a studded collar. It’s a built in necklace and super easy to wear and then you’re already accessorized. Flats-Gap via Plato’s Closet. Bag-Coach via Macy’s.

Bottom left: Tues 6/3/14. I must have been just hanging out at home. Dress-Walmart kids. Jacket-thrifted kids.

Bottom middle: Wed 6/4/14. I had to go downtown to do this secretary test for another job I applied for within a school district. Belt-kate spade Talulip outlet. Shoes-Gap via Plato’s Closet. Bag-Coach. Dress-Cynthia Rowley via Marshalls Marysville.  Gold headband (hard to see)-Target dollar section. After that, I walked around the park downtown,went on the carousel, looked around the mall nearby, and ate some ice cream. It was a fun day!

Bottom right: Thurs 6/5/14. Dress-Target kids last summer 4th of July collection; I got it on sale for 5 bucks. Bandals sandals. Coach bag.

dress catch up 2

Top left: Friday 6/6/14. Dress-Walmart kids (it’s the same as the yellow and pink one). Headband-JCPenney. It broke later that day. I gotta fix it. It has a purple, blue, and green flower on it. I have another one exactly like it, but it’s red, pink, and orange.

Top middle: Saturday 6/7/14. I went to this local junk show at the fair grounds called Farm Chicks. It’s pretty famous. People from all around the US come. It’s only once a year and it’s cool that it’s in my hometown. The girls there always like to wear cowboy boots and tutus, so I had to. I like the event, but it’s kind of annoying because it’s so crowded you can barely move or walk. I’m serious. It makes it not as fun. It’s only two days. It should be three. It’s also annoying because they jack the prices there way up. It’s comical. Most of the stuff I have found at thrift stores or yard sales for way cheaper. I guess some people don’t realize that because they are willing to pay an arm and a leg for stuff. I did get three super cool vintage necklaces for 5 bucks each. That’s a good price. I forgot to take pictures of them. Tutu-Farm Chicks two years ago. I layered it over my Old Navy dress. Fascinator-Hobby Lobby. kate spade belt again. Boots-kohl’s. Same thrifted straw bag.

Top right is also Saturday 6/7/14, but it was later that night. I babysat my friend’s four girls. The smallest one is almost 2 and the oldest will be in 4th grade this coming Sept. It was super fun playing with them, but was glad my mom came over for a while to help me get dinner going and so I could watch the baby one on one. I’ve babysat that many kids before, but it’s harder when you have a young one to take care of. I got paid pretty good money and theater tickets! So excited to see Guys and Dolls next Friday. It pays to have theater friends. I changed into something more comfortable since I was going to be playing with kids all night. Leggings and top both JCP. Madd Hatters flower clip. Bottom left is a closer up version of my shirt. It has a pink stripe down the middle.

Bottom middle: Sunday 6/8/14. I went for a bike ride with my parents and it kind of wiped me out for the day. It was only 10 miles, but I didn’t sleep much the night before. Puma shoes via Ross. Under Armour spandex that were handmedowns given to me. Top-Nike via Macy’s. I dig all the criss crosses in the back. Helmet, gloves-Specialized. Sunnies-F21.


Bottom right: Tuesday 6/10/14. I just did job applications and went to this theater thing at my mom’s school. It was the senior showcase and theater awards to wrap up the theater season. It’s sad to see the seniors go. I have seen them perform since they were freshmen. They are growing up. Also, the shows for next year were announced. Most of them I haven’t heard of, but one was Mary Poppins. That’s always a crowd pleaser. I’ve never seen the movie in full or the play. Dress-Target kids.

dress catch up 3



We’re getting closer to getting caught up! Thanks for bearing with me.

Actually the whole top row is Thursday 6/12/14. I started in the grey Target shirt dress. The bow belt is from a different top from American Eagle that was given to me . Headband-Dollar Tree. Then I got a call for that linen interview I told you about and had to get ready quick. It’s the same Cynthia Rowley dress, Gap flats, and Coach bag. I wore a little Urban Outfitters bow headband that I got in Boise 4 years ago.

Bottom left: Today 6/13/14. I’m not dressed up. I’m just wearing leggings and a grey tee. Tomorrow is my graduation ceremony. I might wear this flower pin on the cap. I just clipped it on.

Bottom middle: Tues 6/10/14 also. I cooked fried rice! I am really good with rice products. It was delicious.

Bottom right: Also Thurs 6/12/14. I got a present from my high school teacher for graduating colege. She helped me a lot get through high school and I still stay in touch with her. She knows I like candy canes, so she gave me some she had left over. There are actually 11 of those big sticks. Wow. And I got a gift card to Starbucks. Mmmm.

dress catch up 4


Here’s all the pictures together (I guess you could say I love dresses) and one more (bottom right)! I was able to get the kirk park medium maise from kate spade.com. I’ve been dying to have it and have been keeping an eye on it. I’ve been babysitting, so I had some money. It was on sale for 208 and I had a 15 percent off coupon from when kate spade was on hautelook.com, so I got it for about 192. I was happy with that, but then I looked the next week and they discounted it even more for 174! I called and since it was within a week, I got a credit of about 30 bucks which is great. I think the bag will probably go off the site soon, so get it while you can! I love the color and I have the matching wallet already. Isn’t the tissue paper fun? It’s the travel paper.

One more thing: Did you see the kate spade 75% off sale a few days ago? It was travel themed. I liked how they curated it, but some of the stuff was full price. I didn’t get anything.

all 4 catch up



Yay we’re caught up! If you were able to read this long, again, snaps for you.

Wish me luck tomorrow on my graduation ceremony and hopefully I don’t trip. Follow me on instagram @aheadbandaday and I’ll probably put a picture or two up from the ceremony!


Spades forever!


Stay fabulous!




♠ H

The Crack Up

Hello,hello headbandits!

I woke up feeling kind of, meh. Ever have those days??

I guess I’m feeling down because I still don’t have a job. I’ve been applying like crazy, but nothing has happened yet. I guess when you don’t have a purpose, it makes life feel meaningless.

Isn’t it weird that we have to work just to support our life style? Seems kind of pointless at the end of it, but then again, everything costs money, so we have to work. It’s a weird life we live. I guess if you love your job, it doesn’t feel like work. I’m hoping to find something I love.

I will probably have to take anything that is part time in the mean time just to have some sort of money.

I said this before, but it has a lot more meaning for me today: I never knew life outside college would be so hard.

When you’re in it, you want so bad to be out and you can’t wait to be done. You don’t plan ahead. When you’re finally done, it sneaks up on you. When you’re out, you’re like, “oh crap…life just got real.”

Once I was in my major, I never felt like that though. I loved school, but it has to end sometime.

It’s weird that I could have been at different places in my life right now had I taken a different route. Let’s imagine it:

1. I could have still been in school and working at the daycare, but I quit both. I already earned my degree in December, but I was going to get this second minor in visual communication design. I’ve wrote about it before, if you already read it, sorry to bring it up again. I don’t know,new things are always hard and I freaked out, I guess. I know I could have done it now, but my heart wasn’t in it at the time and I doubted myself. I hate doubting myself. That’s one of my biggest regrets: doubting myself. When something is too hard, I get super freaked out and stressed. Sometimes I don’t trust the process and take myself out of the situation before I even know how it will play out.

I know you can’t go back to your past, but I always wonder what could have happened if I stayed in the program. At the same time, if I didn’t “drop out” so many things wouldn’t have happened to me. I wouldn’t have been able to go see my Grandma in April because I would have had school, I wouldn’t have gotten the job offer at kate spade, and so many other moments that I feel like I gained from “dropping out” and have been an important part of my “post grad struggle.”

2. I could have been working at kate spade Talulip outlet. I probably would have been spending too much money though on the merchandise.

3. This one is kind of humorous: I could have been dating someone I was sort of into and we hit it off (or I thought we did), but it turned out, he had a gf I didn’t know about. We hung out and he slipped it in at the end. That actually happened to me twice. The slipping in of the GF like so nonchalantly. WTF. Don’t waste my time, if you’re already taken. I’m not sure that is appropriate either. Apparently, I don’t read the signs right,mistake fun flirting the wrong way, or maybe it wasn’t even flirting and I just read everything wrong. Guys!

4. I could have been out of school and still working at the daycare, so at least I’m not stuck at the daycare anymore and one step past it.

5. I could have been in the exact same position I am now, just different circumstances or a combination of the above.


I guess I’m having a bit of a crack up as F. Scott Fitzgerald says. That’s one of my favorite essays. To me what it is about is when you’re struggling in life and you’re basically falling apart. You don’t know where you’re going or what you’re doing. He calls it a crack up. Here are a few quotes from the essay that I love and really feeling today:

“The world only exists in your eyes– your conception of it. You can make it as big or as small as you want to. And you’re trying to be a little puny individual. By God, if I ever cracked, I’d try to make the world crack with me.”

“For the moment I can only cry out that I have lost my splendid mirage. Come back, come back, O glittering and white!”

“Of course all life is a process of breaking down, but the blows that do the dramatic side of the work-the big sudden blows that come, or seem to come, from outside-the ones you remember and blame things on and, in moments of weakness, tell your friends about, don’t show their effect all at once. There is another sort of blow that comes from within-that you don’t feel until it’s too late to do anything about it, until you realize with finality that in some regard you will never be as good a man again. The first sort of breakage seems to happen quick-the second kind happens almost without your knowing it but is realized suddenly indeed.”

A crack up is also like the mean reds, described in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I just started reading the Truman Capote book. Oh my gosh, it’s so good. Here are the mean reds:

“Holly Golightly: You know the days when you get the mean reds?

Paul Varjak: The mean reds. You mean like the blues?

Holly Golightly: No. The blues are because you’re getting fat, and maybe it’s been raining too long. You’re just sad, that’s all. The mean reds are horrible. Suddenly you’re afraid, and you don’t know what you’re afraid of. Do you ever get that feeling?”
― Truman CapoteBreakfast at Tiffany’s: And Three Stories

Another fun quote also by Fitzgerald, but it was in Gatsby:



“Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that’s no matter—to-morrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther. . . . And one fine morning——

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”-This is the very last line of the book and gives me chills.


So yeah, I’m definitely having a crack up, but I feel like, who isn’t when they graduate college?? It just felt so much harder for me because I plucked myself from it faster than I thought. This has been the toughest 5 months of my life, but the exciting thing is I have no idea what my life will look like in the next 5 months. I guess that is the silver linings of it. Anything can happen. Anything.

Hopefully something happens soon….


Here’s what I wore yesterday, Thurs May 29, 2014. I took a break from job applications and went to the library and a few thrift stores to look.


Dress-Target. Sunnies-F21. Bag-thrifted. Sandals-Bandals via the fair. Dollar craft fair bracelet. Cardi-Old Navy.







Bow-Walmart kids. It came in a set of 4 or 5. The gold one is from the fair too.




Late last night, having fun taking hair selfies. My hair is the exact length as Harry Styles right now. I like to pretend to have cool hair like him.




Today Friday May 30, 2014 just doing some job stuff. I researched a lot today and found a lot of jobs, but now I don’t feel like applying for them. It’s such a process.

SkullCandy headphones.




My mouse pad is actually a Moleskin that I drew spades all over. I always got that kate spade on my mind.




Usually what I wear if I just stay home. Target tee and athletic shorts.



Fruit lunch. Mmm cantaloupe is so good.





Hopefully this post wasn’t too much of a downer. I’m just being real and you know, as they say, the struggle is real.


One more thing: Did you see kate spade for HauteLook is out?? (The link will lead you to the page if you click it) Haute Look is a part of Nordstrom. It’s a site where they have designer deals but only for a certain amount of time. Sites like this are popping up all over: 6pm.com, Zulily, Simple Addiction, Beyond The Rack,Purple Peridot, Threadflip,etc etc. I subscribe to a whole bunch of them via e-mail, but rarely actually look at the sites. The kate spade one caught my eye, of course. I checked it out. I didn’t see anything that great, but maybe you will. They have my pink, red, and white baseball tee on there for 29 bucks. Not too bad. I paid 25 at the outlet.

I visited the site a day early and somehow I got a 15% off coupon to the real kate spade. I don’t know if that still is going on, but probably if you click it right. I’m def saving that. I SO want the hot pink with red bow kirkpark bowler bag on the sale rack. It’s so cheap too with the coupon, but I’m so broke. I’ll have to wait a while longer. I have the matching wallet.

Did you see the Surprise Sale last week?? Sorry, I forgot to tell you, but I’m sure you avid kate spaders already saw it. I didn’t see anything that really wowed me.

All summer long too, if you use the hashtag #travelcolofully and tag @katespadeny on instragram, you can win a $250 dollar kate spade gift card. I really want to win! They pick a winner every week. 9 total. The rules are on their blog.

One more thing: Did you enter kate spade’s Rio trip? This is quoted from the facebook post about it, “Only a few days left to enter to win two roundtrip flights, a six night stay at the caesar park rio de janerio ipanema and more! enter now for a chance to win a sunny escape for two to brazil! http://www.makewavesinrio.com/ ” The deadline is June 1st, so hurry up! I’d love to win.

 Ah! After I posted this, I saw on katespade.com that now through June 1st, if you spend over 250 dollars you can get 20% off at checkout. Use Code: Save20. Good luck!

Stay fabulous!


Spades forever!






Stripes on Stripes, Floral, Brights, and Wicked Stalking-Oh My!

Hello,hello headbandits!


What  a weekend! I am exhausted. Did you all have a fun filled Memorial Day Weekend??

Let’s play catch up and I’ll show you some other outfits I’ve been wearing too, like I promised.


This is today Tuesday May 27, 2014. I’ve just been doing more job applications. This dress is from Walmart kids. I have two others. I got them for super cheap. Headband-Dollar Tree…it came with a lime green one too.


This dress reminds me of the one Cameron Diaz wears in “What Happens In Vegas” which I watched this weekend. I love her dress and that movie. It’s so cute. Her dress is a wee bit short though, but come one, it’s Cameron Diaz.

Who wore it best??




This was Monday May 26, 2014: Memorial Day. Hanging with the fam downtown.

Top, shorts,bag, bracelet-thrifted. Converse- A dollar at a yard sale. One of my best finds yet. Headband-Target, dollar section. Sunnies-I think Rue 21. This outfit was probably 10 bucks or less.

I’ve been wanting to try the crop top trend. If you want to try out a current trend, I suggest trying to thrift it. If you don’t like it then you didn’t spend much money and you won’t regret it.

I think it works best if you wear something high waisted and only show a tiny sliver of skin. I don’t normally show a lot of skin, but I would wear this again.




My Dad got in on the red, white, and blue trend too. Everything is Adidas, but the hat is Fox. He’s such an Adidas guy.




We all wore red shoes. Red shoe brigade. The flip flops are my mom’s. My bro was there too, but didn’t have red shoes.




It actually wasn’t as warm as I thought. Later I changed into a skirt because I was cold. It’s from Old Navy. Yep, I’m at Target again. This jacket is from a thrift store. It’s from the kids section.





This was Sunday May 25, 2014. I got to hang out with my former work bestie, Cheryl. I was so tired that day. I felt like I was in a purple haze haha that’s a theater reference (Spring Awakening, though in the show the song is “purple summer” or something).  I felt bad. Saturday wore me out. You will have to see what I did and then you’ll realize why I was so tired. It was so good to see Cheryl.


Dress-from a local vintage shop in town. I don’t think it’s that old though because the tag says Laura Ashley. I got it for 10 bucks at a sale last year. I’ve never worn it. It’s so fun. The straps in the back are in the form of an X. Flats-Gap, a dollar…I hit the super sales always. Bag-Thrift. Sunnies-F21…my fav. Bracelets-A dollar each from a craft show. I have like 15 of them in different colors. They are also my fav. Watch-Timex via Shopko (it was a Christmas gift though). Ring-Avon via Ebay. Headband-Ross.





This was Saturday May 24, 2014. I headed downtown with my good friend, Paula, for a fun play day. We lucked out because it was a gorgeous day.

Dress-Walmart kids (just like the pink one). Shoes-Converse. Headband-Nordstrom. Bag-F21. Timex watch and pink dollar bracelet.






We went downtown because The Wicked Munchkin Land Tour has been in our town since early May. If you go 2.5 hours before show time, you can enter to win 2 tickets at 25 dollars each. They let you know 30 minutes later who wins. It’s a raffle. I kept wanting to go, but was so busy with all these job apps. We decided to try Saturday because the last shows were on Sunday. We didn’t win, but they were offering 40 dollar tickets for everyone there in the orchestra section. That is super good! They normally go way higher.


It was kind of annoying because even little kids could enter. I assumed only adults because  you had to have ID. You could have brought like 20 kids with you and then if you were their parent, show ID for them. So many kids won. I should have done that.

We decided to see the show again and it was a good idea. The ticket lady put us in section K in the orchestra smack dab in the middle. We could really see the actors faces and everything. It was so awesome! I felt like I was right in Oz.

I had to change headbands because the other one, as pretty as it is, hurts the back of my ears. This one is from Target dollar section.




Here we are again!




We grabbed lunch at Olive Garden, saw the show, and then walked around the park. We have this super cool park right in our downtown. It’s pretty famous….well I’d say it is. One of the World’s Fairs was held there. I took tons of pictures, but it would take me forever to pick the best of the best.

Funny story: right after the show, I saw the guy who plays Fiyero talking on his cell phone and walking through the park. His name is Matt Shingledecker. He sure is speedy to get out of the theater so quick, but they were doing two shows that day. I can imagine he wanted a little break. Anyways, Paula didn’t believe me, but I was like, “yes, that’s him!” We accidentally followed him back to his hotel and saw him in the pool area putting quite a romantic movie like kiss on some blonde’s lips-haha! I wanted a picture with him, but never got close enough. I should have yelled “Fiyero” like Elphaba does. I’m assuming that’s his gf. Darn! He’s super cute. His hotel is connected to the park. It’s kind of cool. It must be where this theater puts all their talent up. I’ll have to remember that. We also were pretty sure we saw the guy who played Boq walk right by us, but he had on a hat and sunnies, so we weren’t for sure. If we stood there long enough, I’m sure we would have seen all the stars.

I probably could have caught up to him quicker, but I was fixing something on my shoe, but then again, I didn’t want to be all like a weird stalker.


Then we were real tourists in our own town. We did the carousel. It’s so Catcher In The Rye. I did not win the gold ring though. I took home several colored rings though, illegally. We got ice cream, rode this gondola thing over the falls (I should have included pics) , and walked around the park. Perfect day in the Inland NW!


Someone dropped their stache too.




This was the necklace I wore. Skate key and other carousel rings I picked up a different day. So Holden Caulfield.





Here are some older looks too that I’ve been meaning to post.


Top right left: Tues May 13, 2014. I put a picture below that is closer up of it. Dress-Target kids (4th of July collection. I got it for 5 bucks. I love this year’s too). Bag-thrift. Sunnies-Rue21. Sandals-Bandals

Top middle: Wed May 14, 2014. I got to see some of the cast of Wicked speak to the theater students at my mom’s school. It was rad and I was happy I got an invite. It pays to have theater connections. Dress-Gap Outlet. Headband-Ross. Ruby slippers-Target kids. Same bag as above.

Top right: Sat May 17,2014: Visiting a tiny town where my aunt lives. It’s not very far away. They have fun antique shops there. One that is 3 floors! It’s my fav. Dress-Macy’s. Top underneath-JCP…3.97. Sandals-Bandals. Bag-free handmedown.

Bottom left: Mon May 19, 2014: hanging in the woods with my dad. Top, shorts-Target. Shoes-Puma via Ross. Sunnies-F21. I had that little orange bag that I carry in the woods too from Target, but it’s covered.

The other two we already have seen, but I needed to finish up the collage.




Here’s a closer up picture of Tues May 13 at one of my favorite parks.






I think that’s it for now!


So glad we are all caught up.


Stay fabulous!


Spades forever!






Beast Mode

Hello, hello headbandits!

This is going to be a real quick post. Hopefully. Every time I say that they end up super long, so I hope I keep my promise.

Sorry I have been MIA lately. Once I figured out I’m not taking the kate spade job, I started to get to it on the job applications. I need a job STAT. It really sucks being broke. I think this is the brokest I’ve been, besides being a kid, but you’re a kid, you don’t need money. I will probably have to take something part time in the mean time just to get some sort of income coming. I’m lucky I still live with my parents or else things would be getting real right about now. It’s hard being a college grad!

It’s kind of my own fault I’m broke though. I quit my job back in March. I honestly couldn’t have stayed any longer though. I had worked there since I was 15 and it was time to move on. I had the 7 year itch for sure. Also, too much shopping and kate spade will drain ya too…

I have about 12 applications out right now. I had almost 20, but I kept hearing no’s from some of them. It’s annoying because all the ones I didn’t get, you didn’t need that many skills and I was more than qualified. At the same time, it is nice to hear a solid yes or no back because half the time you don’t hear anything.

I don’t know how college grads find a job so quick out of college like a real job with benefits and full time hours. I have student loans and you get a 6 month grace period. That was not enough for me at all, but I only recently started getting serious about the job search because I didn’t know what I was doing at first. I had hoped the kate spade corporate internship would happen for me and then I thought I was going to work at a kate spade outlet. I was also caught off guard since I finished college sooner than I thought. I kind of pulled myself out of school. It was a tough adjustment. Luckily, I got a few more months extension. I’ve been going beast mode on these job apps.

This week I did 4 applications. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but I re-configure my cover letter every time, so it takes a while. I’m getting so bored of staying home working on these applications. It’s so redundant. It reminds me of my high school days when I was applying for college scholarships. It’s like a game. I applied for 20 and I got 10. I earned 10 grand in money for college. I essentially went to community college for FREE. If I can do that then I can certainly earn myself a job.

This is what the applications make me feel like:



Yes that was two laptops…

Today I am working on sending out my graduation announcements. I don’t want to do that anymore either. The only reason I am is because I bought the stupid announcements which was high way robbery! I should have just made some myself instead of spending over 100 bucks, but I wanted the official school ones. You only graduate as an undergrad once, right? The other reason I am sending the announcements is because it took me so long to graduate college. It took me almost six years,but I took some time off here and there to figure stuff out. It’s hard knowing what you want to do when you’re 18. I want all my family and close friends to know I finally finished.

Seriously, so much work postgrad. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Here is one outfit that I wore this week. I haven’t been getting dressed up much since I’ve just been working on apps and what not. I’ve mostly been wearing athletic shorts or pajamas. I don’t have pictures of that.

Wednesday May 21, I actually got dressed up because I had to physically deliver some apps, so they would make it there by this Friday, the due date.


Dress-Target. Headband-Ross. Sandals-Bandals via the fair. Bag-Coach via Macy’s.

The dress has a key hole cut out near the bust, but my hand is covering it.

I have had the bag for over 2 years with the tags still on it and just now using it. I almost was going to try to sell it, but am so glad I kept it. The reason I didn’t want it anymore was because I haven’t really been into black the past couple years and I never used it. But remember back in April I was on a black kick for 2 weeks straight? I’m kind of more into black again. I’m so glad I kept it because every girl needs a basic black bag.

That’s why I hate getting rid of things. I always want them later. I recently got rid of 2 black bags and I want them back. One was Nine West. It was a super big bag, almost like a doctor’s satchel. I own the matching tote to go with it too. I actually found the exact one on ebay, but I shouldn’t spend money right now. The other one was a over sized real leather satchel with a strap from Urban Outfitters. It was the first real leather bag I bought. I paid 60 bucks for it in Boise. It was the first time I had been to Urban Outfitters too. I would never pay that much now for a non-branded bag. Not that I’m a brand whore, but you really pay for the name of the bag and the quality when you spend that much. If it doesn’t have a name, it’s not worth it to me to spend that much.

I got rid of both because I wasn’t into black, but then recently my 2 week wearing black bender makes me miss them. I’m such a backslider. It’s hard. I think I’m like that with a lot of things. You want to go back to the past, but never really can. The more I thought about it, the more I realized it was probably the right decision to get rid of the bags. The Nine West bag was patent and I’m not that into patent anymore. It also was a little worn down on the handles. The UO bag had no shape at all and while I kind of like the looseness of a bag, when it’s that unshapely, it’s hard to find your stuff. The strap used to fall off too.

I’m sure I will find a better black bag soon when I have mo money. I have that cute F21 one, but it’s on the smaller side. I would love one exactly like that just bigger. I have that kate spade black leather linda tote too, but that’s almost too much structure.





Anyways, I’ll have to do another post soon to show you some of the outfits I’ve been wearing lately.

I didn’t do that good at keeping it short. If you made it this long, snaps for you.


Spades forever!


Stay fabulous!





♠ H (I keep forgetting to use the spade)

Hey, look what I’ve been wearing lately

Hello, hello headbandits!

Let’s catch up on the last few days. These pictures look like they’ve been on Instagram, but you’re in luck, they haven’t. You get to see the outfits first. I like to do the collage because it saves room and is less pictures when I upload everything. I’m not very good at Instagram as I find it not instant at all. You have to create your picture in another app first. How is that “instant?” It’s easier to upload to Facebook because it doesn’t have a set size. I am only on Instagram for the networking. I’m not a big fan of it, but I have found the celebs really are into it. It’s cool  interacting with them “in real time.”


Sorry about the quality of this set. The right hand side is from Thursday May 8, 2014. I didn’t do much all day. I went to see Jekyll and Hyde at my mom’s school that night. It was so so GOOD. It was really dark though and I wasn’t expecting the ending. The costumes were insane. Most of them were handmade and so so cool. It was very Victorian gothic. A few highlights: a powder blue man’s pea coat, but the sleeves had slits all the way up to the shoulder, so it was kind of like a cape but instead of the sides being slit, the sleeves were. Hyde’s fiance’s wedding dress at the end was white with black flowers on it. She wore a black fascinator type thing. Actually, there was a ton of fascinators. Then there were these really cool male leather pants like with stripes all the way up the leg, but the stripes were like 3D. I’m not sure how to explain it. The music was good too and it was a strong singing cast. I would see it again just to see the costumes.

Headband, tee shirt-Target. Leggings-Macy’s. Teal jacket-thrifted kids. Bag (in both pictures)-thrifted. I think it was 1.99.


Left side: Friday May 9, 2014. I worked on job apps most of the day. Then went to the library, a few thrift stores, and had dinner with my family. My mom made stir fry. Mmmmm.

Hair flower-Walmart. Dress-thrift store. Short leggings-Target. Same bag as before.

See I wear hair accessories. I have been wearing them more lately. The shoes are Bandals in both.




Saturday May 10, 2014. I went to Hobby Lobby with my mom and brother. Then my mom and I went to this local coffee house by my house. I’ve never been to it, but always wanted to. I got an orange cream milkshake. So so good. I sucked it down pretty fast.

Sweatshirt-Target. Pants-LC Lauren Conrad via Kohls. Same bag and shoes as before. Sunnies-Forever 21.





This was Saturday night. I had one more shot with my friend for my graduation pictures with my tutu in the wheat field. I can’t wait to see how they turn out! My school colors are red and white or at least I think they are. It might be red and black, but white is an accent. Who knows.


My red tutu was 10 dollars at an antique show. I love it! It’s so big and full and you can’t get tutus that cheap anymore. My dorothy slippers are Target kids. The necklace is from a thrift store or was my Grandma’s. I have two red necklaces, so I’m not sure which is which at this point. The red flower was from this local festival. The white dress was 2.97 at JCP!! I had seen it in the fall and wanted it, but didn’t want to pay 60 bucks. It’s Bisou Bisou. It has a big keyhole in the back. JCP has incredible sales.

The bottom right is kind of blurry. My room has terrible lighting and then my hand was shaky too. I was thinking of wearing that white peplum shirt over the tutu. It’s also JCP, but then I wore the dress under it. Ialso have a shot with just the white dress.




Here is Mother’s Day Sunday May 11, 2014. We went to this place we love to eat called Conley’s. They have the most amazing Mother’s Day buffet ever. It’s a tradition. We’ve gone 3-4 times. Maybe more. It’s the best buffet. It’s all fresh and not like most buffets. You know those ones where the food is from a bag and cold? Ew. This buffet is not like that. Everything is homemade and the sliced ham is to die. I had so many pieces.


Dress-I bought it from my friend. It’s very Audrey. It has a bow under the bust and it’s eyelet detail. Flats-Gap… 1 dollar super sale! Bag-kate spade via Nordstrom. Bracelet-BCBG via Nordstrom Rack. Sunnies-F21. Cardi-Marshalls.


Yes, the picture on the left is at Target. They have the best lighting.




Here’s some of the accessories detail. I brought the kate spade wristlet (via Talulip outlet) to the buffet sine it’s always a pain to bring a purse to a restaurant. I had my ks jelly basket bag in the trunk though and brought it in to steal some cheesecake bites out-haha! I guess they are cheese cake little cups. They are so so good. I took a pic, but I guess I forgot to include it. I only have them on this day, so I took home 4. One was lemon, raspberry, and two cookies and cream. Mmmm.


Later, as you saw previously, I went to Target with my mom. I brought the orange jelly basket, but it’s hard to carry around because it doesn’t have a long strap. It needs one. We went to the mall later with my dad and I switched it for my straw bag. We all had a treat too. I got a “dream machine” which is basically a creamsicle shake again. I liked the one I had the other day better because it was more orangey. I also had an orange cream cake pop. As you can infer, I love orange creamsicle.


I love my mommy a lot. I would put a picture up, but she is weird about privacy and I get that. She is my best friend, role model, confident. I want to be just like her.





Ok! Looks like we are all caught up again.


Spades forever!


Stay fabulous!






Hello, hello headbandits!

I’m still working on applications. I’ve only completed and sent off two. It’s taking me forever because, like I said previously, I like to tweak my cover letter each time to match the job description. It’s definitely time consuming, but I want the letters to be perfect.  I’m taking a break right now to share with you all the eventful things that have happened the past few days. It’s a busy week in my home.


Tuesday May 6, 2014

Working on an application all day and then went out to our favorite Mexican place for my brother’s birthday!

Dress, bow-Walmart kids. Bandals sandals-the fair. Straw bag-thrift store. Sunnies-F21. Bracelet-craft fair…1 dollar!

My dad said this dress looked like Wilma Flintstone. I take it as a compliment. I think it’s more Pebbles.





Happy 25th to my bro! I love the picture of us as kids. I have always rocked sunglasses.




This was yesterday Wednesday May 7, 2014. I went to see Broadway’s Wicked. They are in my town for 3 weeks. I have never seen it before. I am a huge fan of Wizard of Oz and I love the twist this show plays on Oz and how it ties in all the major Oz references in a unique and fresh way. I died. So so so good. I want to see it again, but the tickets aren’t cheap. I saw this with my good friend, Paula, but also my other good friend, Brittani, was at the show with her husband. I didn’t know she was going the same night as me. It was opening night too!  We hung out with them before, at intermission, and after a little bit. It was so good to see her. She lives an hour and a half away from me, so we don’t see each other as much.

I met her at school a couple years ago, a school I no longer attend or graduated from. It was so weird. We had so many things in common and hit it off immediately. She was actually my teaching assistant in one class. We were kind of going through the same things and she gave me the best advice when I decided to withdraw from that university. We have stayed in touch since. A few things we have in common: both have family in the same town who know each other, both LOVE kate spade, both are English majors (love reading, writing, thinking, etc), both love vintage/thrift store, have similar style fashion wise, both love polkadots, and of course, HEADBANDS. I never really thought people came into your life for a reason before I met Brittani. We are so the same and I love hanging out with her. She’s taught me so much about life and I love our talks we have. She’s moving though soon, a pretty big move across a few states, so I won’t see her even more than I do now, but it’s easier to stay in touch with people these days and I wish her all the best. Her husband is a riot too. He’s hilarious and always gives me a hard time. I tapped him on the shoulder at the show in this big line of people and he totally fell for it and thought these other ladies did it. I can never pull it off. He will deny it though, but I know what’s up.

I dressed like Dorothy for the show. I didn’t know if Dorothy would make an appearance, but had to go for it.

Can you see my inspiration?

The top is for Dorothy’s gingham dress-It’s from American Eagle, thrifted though.

Of course Dorothy’s red ruby slippers-Target kids. I love the little stacked heel.

The bow is red like the heels too-Ross. It’s one of my favs. It’s very Blair.

The bag is like her little basket, but also Brittan’s hubs pointed out it could be like the Scarecrow. I love how it’s piped in emerald, an obvious nod for Emerald City. It’s thrifted.

My earrings are for Emerald City too. I hope you can see them in the other picture. They are vintage. I love.

My twisted pearl necklace is from an antique store in Cashmere, WA. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect pearl necklace. It’s almost as hard to find as the perfect polka dot dress.

The skirt is Target brand, but it’s also thrifted. I got it for 1.50 one day because the tag of it was on sale 50% off. Thrift stores do colored tags and each day they pick one that is 50% off. You have to go the right day or try to find everything in that specific colored tag to get an even better bargain.









Step and repeat. I hate and love these things. Everyone wants it done and you have to wait forever sometimes. It’s also super rushed because everyone wants it and then you may have to take someone’s picture for them. I hate asking strangers because they do not understand the laws of photography-haha! Not that I’m super skilled, but I know how to get things in the frame. The general public for the most part does not get that. I hate when things are cut out. That’s another reason I was glad Brittani and her hubs were there. For one, her hubs is a professional photographer, but they also understand getting a shot in the frame. Thanks Dyfed! He didn’t want in the shot though.


Brittani is on the left and Paula is on the right. Both looking fabulous. I loved Paula’s dress. It’s very vintage inspired. It is A-line and had a sweetheart neckline. It was her graduation dress. It’s from a shop that is closed now, Fashion Bug. Oops, my mistake. It’s from Dress Barn (updated 5 pm 5/8/14) and it’s very much still open.










Me and Britt! Love her. I loved her dress. She said it was F21, if anyone is curious. She is carrying a little kate spade bag too, but I’m covering it. Oh, also she had the little bow ring, little bow earrings, and a B ks necklace-all in gold. So cute and it shows how much she loves kate spade too. We are two peas in a pod. She would have fit in good in Emerald City with that dress.




Outside with Paula. See the white witch is cut off. The frame, people. The frame.





Me at home after the show. You can see my necklace here better. Twisted pearls are a favorite of mine.




Before Wicked selfie with Paula. I love the checkered tiles of the mall bathroom. Classy.





A picture of my favorite place from where we parked.





Afterwards. I clicked my heels home!



It’s funny. I got a lot of compliments on my shoes. One little girl was staring at them pretty hard. One older gent on the street asked if I was supposed to be Dorothy.

The lady I was sitting next to was like, “it’s so nice they make those (ruby slippers for adults now).”

I should have kept quiet, but I said, “These are kids.”


Awkward silence…


Paula reminded me of this song too. I remember seeing this video a few years ago and thinking it was weird. I so get it now. It riffs on the Wicked song “Popular,” but they rewrite the lyrics. That was one of my favorite numbers in the show and I love this song too.




Yesterday was also my parents 31st Wedding Anniversary. Ah! Love birds.




And Mother’s Day is Sunday. This week has too many events for one family to handle. I kind of can’t wait until it’s over.


I forgot, I’m going to see another play tonight at my mom’s school. Jekyll and Hyde! I’m excited. I’ve never seen it before. The plays my mom’s school put on are incredible. The acting from the kids is beyond. I go to every show and it’s fun to watch all the kids grow up and grow in their craft.

I’m obsessed with theater if you couldn’t tell.


Stay fabulous!


Spades forever!