Top Trends of 2016

Hello, hello!

It’s been too long. Hopefully you are off to a fabulous 2017. I’m going to try to update my blog, but for now, let’s say goodbye to 2016 by talking about the top trends during the year.

  1. Chokers were still big in 2016. I remember wearing ones like this in the 90s when I was in elementary school. They made a come back in 2015 and look like they will be here a while. Everyone from Forever 21, H&M, to Asos is selling them. Talk about a throw back.


2. Off the shoulder tops/dresses were pretty popular in 2016. You saw them worn on the runways of Milan, to celebrities, to your every day girl.


Remember Rhianna’s 2016 MET Ball Dress? It was off the shoulder.


3. Colored hair was still popular in 2016. I think it will be around for a while. Some are doing just streaks of it, some people are dying their whole head, some are doing their roots, some are just doing the underside of the hair. It’s a lot of fun and a way to update your look. I died my hair teal in 2016 and also had purple and teal streaks recently.  I love it. This picture is not me below, although I really like her hair. I think the teal and purple look so good and rich together.

hair-448x437 lauren-conrad-pink-hair

4. Athleisure was still pretty popular in 2016. Joggers, sneakers, etc. Basically nice athletic wear that can transfer as every day clothes too. I love it. I love joggers too. So comfortable. I think the athleisure trend is effortless and chic.



A lot of brands are adding an active wear line to their collections. I loved what kate spade did for their active wear line! landscape-1452117513-kate-spade-yoga-collection


4. There’s been a lot of throw back lines like with Adidas, Nike, Champion, and Calvin Kleins (#MyCalvins was a pretty big ad campaign in 2016). I remember a lot of these logos were popular in the 90s.


5. Sock Boots were kind of a thing, especially because of Kayne West. Remember his poor models passing out in the heat during NY fashion week? People loved this trend in 2016 (of sock boots, not passing out ha). If they couldn’t afford them, they would put socks over their heels or something to replicate the trend. I’m sure they sold similar versions at H&M or Forever21.


6. Pant suits were kind of popular mainly because of Hilary Clinton. It’s a good way to look polished and powerful.


7. Last, velvet has kind of been making a comeback like in necklaces, fabrics, etc. It’s very 90’s. They also have been making velvet chokers too. Everything seems to be referencing the 90’s lately.



That’s pretty much all I really noticed for fashion trends in 2016. Did I leave anything out?


Let me know in the comments below.


Stay fabulous!


Spades forever!








*All photos were found on Google and are stock images. I take no credit. All the credit goes to the photographer/original source.*

Halloween Costumes for the Fashion Girl

Hey guys!

I meant to write this a while ago, but there’s still a week until Halloween so I can squeeze this post in before it’s too late.

Halloween is a fun time of year, but especially for the fashion savvy girl. It can be a time for her to really show her personality. I think for the fashion savvy girl at Halloween, a lot of these items can be found in her closet. It’s everyday items she would wear but stepping it up a bit.

Here are some ideas for the fashion savvy girl to wear at Halloween time.

  1. Of Course I have to start off with the great Coco Chanel. She is the epitome of style and elegance. Wear a bunch of tweed in black and white, or black and white piped anything,  add layers and layers of pearls and you’re good to go. Don’t forget your quilted chain bag to really drive it home.  Optional: cigarette


Here is me putting my rabbit in a Chanel shopping bag. I actually might be Chanel for Halloween this year.

ruthy chanel bag




2. Any fashion lover dresses up for Audrey Hepburn at least once for Halloween and is forever inspired by her fashion choices daily. Of course the most famous role is, this scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Again wear  LBD, lots of pearls, gloves, and tiara and you’re good. Don’t forget the croissant.


If you want to be a little more unique, try a different scene from BAT.  Even a different movie. I once saw an Instagram friend dress up as her in the scene when she was in her pajamas and sleeping. I thought it was creative. I think she even made the eye mask. Just get an oversize white shirt, eye mask, and don’t forget Cat.


My favorite scene is when Holly and “Fred” are doing things they have never done for the day. I love her in her orange coat. I used to own a few coats like that. Very fun. Don’t forget the animal mask to really get it right. If you have a boyfriend or a guy friend who would want to dress up as “Fred Baby,” that would be an awesome couples costume idea.



3. Carrie Bradshaw from SATC. She is definitely the epitome of the fashion “it girl.” There’s so many options for this one. Pick a favorite outfit of hers and replicate it. Of course, the opening scene when she’s in the tutu is the most iconic. I like her with her train luggage too. Really you probably have all of what you need in your closet. Put it on like Carrie would. It would make a great group costume too to get all the girls; have each one of your friends dress up as one of the other characters.



4. I think this year dressing up as one of the Chanel’s from “Scream Queens” will be really popular. I love that show and especially the fashion. It’s pretty simple. Pick the one you like the best, or it even could be a group costume again, and channel your inner Chanel (haha great pun, no?). They wear a lot of pastels, tulle, light, ethereal kind of clothes. They love faux fur, white.  I like Chanel No. 3 the best. I love her ear muffs. I thought about being her this year.




5. Another really popular costume for the fashion girl is a flapper. I love the 20’s. What a decadent era. You can have a lot of fun with this one. I’ve dresses up as a flapper a few times. It’s my favorite thing to do. Think short dresses, fringe, short hair (you can make it look short by pinning it under), headband across the head with a feather sticking up, pearls pearls pearls, sequins, t-strap heels, etc. Have fun with it.




Here’s some other ideas:

6. Rosie the Riveter: This one is fun. I’ve been her before. Jean overalls or a denimn shirt, red lipstick, and the red scarf with white dots will do the trick.

7. Elle Woods from Legally Blonde: anything pink and don’t forget Bruiser.

8. Any of the girls from Mean Girls or it could be a group costume too. They wear lots of pink too, especially on Wednesdays. Think short, juicy couture, etc.

9. Jenna Lyons of J.Crew: Pull your hair back in a slick low pony, get faux black glasses, wear skinny jeans with stripes and a blazer, or mix prints, like florals with spots, and you will be just like her.

10. Jackie O.: I mean there’s so much you could do with her. To me, the most iconic look is her in that pink Chanel Suit when JFK got shot. It’s my favorite look of hers.

11. Really any of your current favorite fashion icons. Some of mine are Rachel Zoe (think boho, hippie chick, 70s-that’s very her), I love Karl Largerfeld (he only wears black with a hint of white and don’t forget his dark sunglasses and fingerless gloves),  Vicotira Beckham is one of my favorites (she wears a lot of sleek sheath dresses, dark sunglasses, and her Birkin bags), Iris Apfel with her giant eye glasses and layers of necklaces,bracelets and fun printed outfits. Donald Drawbertson from Instagram is popular. I saw some people dress up as him and then his instagram photo…how creative and I love his work.


12. Fashion icons of the past too: Edie Sedgwick, Brigitte Bardot, it would be fun to be a painting of Andy’s Warhol’s like his Tomato Soup Can. Both Edie and Brigitte liked stripes.

13. Any of your favorite movie or TV character that is fashionably inclined. Blair Waldorf (bows bows and more bows), Cher from Clueless, Ugly Betty,  Margot Helen is a popular one from Royal Tenebaums (fur, dark eyeliner, etc).  I just saw Moonrise Kingdom and I think it would be fun to dress us as Suzy. Great movie and I loved the fashion. Get a long sleeved 60s look dress with the Peter Pan Collar, white knee high socks, and don’t forget her suitcase of books. Mindy from the Mindy Project would be good…lots of colors, prints, etc.


14. I love dressing up as Minnie Mouse (all about the polk a dots!) or Dorothy (all about those shoes!). I guess this is kind of the same as your favorite fashionable/tv character.

15. A Pantone Color Swatch…especially from the current year. That would be fun. Just get a piece of white tag board and cut a hole in it. This is a bit of a DIY, but I think it would come together easy




What do you think?

Do any of these ideas interest you?

Let me know what you’re dressing up this year in the comments below.



Spades forever!


Stay fabulous!









A List of Bags Every Fashion Lover Owns

Hello, hello headbandits!

Sorry it’s been so long. I’ve been meaning to blog for a while now but can’t seem to find the right words. I haven’t been keeping up on my outfits much anymore either…oops. I don’t use Insta anymore to be honest. It’s too much work. It’s like you have to use an app to get it to fit in picture box and then all the tags. I mainly post outfits to FB now. I will have to try to share some soon.

How’s your summer been? Mine was pretty great. I went to the Oregon Coast and Seattle recently. Fun times. More on that later though.

Crazy how it’s already September, right? We have a little bit of a chill in the air in the Inland Northwest and it gets dark way early now.

Moving right along…

I thought of this post recently and thought it would be fun to share my opinion about it. I’m really a bag/purse kind of girl.

I think there’s definitely a handful of bags that every fashion lover owns that are a staple in their wardrobe and classic pieces.

Most these pictures are from my own personal collection or if not are stock photos found on Google.

In no particular order:

  1. The vintage Coach leather crossbody bags in black or cognac. I have both. The leather is so lush and they really don’t make them like this anymore. These go with everything. They are timeless. Effortless.



2. The vintage Dooney&Bourkes. Basically the same as the vintage Coach’s. These are timeless bags. IMG_20160903_1940144


3. The Birkin or Kelly bag by Hermes. This is one of the most coveted bags for every fashion lover. If she is lucky, she may get one in her life time. They are very expensive. Kris Jenner and Victoria Beckham own one in every color. These bags are iconic and classic.

birkin vs kelly

For the everyday fashion girl, she probably won’t be able to afford one. What don’t they start at at least 15 grand and up?? It is kind of crazy, but I would love one!

Anyways, companies do of course make Birkin or Kelly style bags which are a lot more affordable. My kate spade (left) and Dooney (right) kind of have that Hermes feel.

You can get the reproductions on Ebay too. I have a pink one. It’s at my parents so I wasn’t able to take the picture.



4. A classic black or cognac leather bag. The cognac one is by Dooney and Bourke. It was my very first designer bag and I love it. It’s classic and I know I will have it forever. The leather is just incredible and I love the smell. The black one is kate spade. You can see most my bags right now are Dooney or kate spade. That’s my budget right now but I really like their workmanship too and their brands. Every fashion lover has her go to black or cognac leather bag. IMG_20160903_1943016


5. A red bag is a must have for every fashion lover to brighten up her wardrobe and have a pop of color. Mine here is of course kate spade. IMG_20160903_1944200


6.  A quilted leather chain bag preferably Chanel, but again these come in all different price ranges. Coco made them famous and they are still being made today. I don’t own one yet, but would love to one day. The one on the right is by kate spade. Michael Kors makes versions of them and pretty much every designer too. You can also get them at places like Forever 21 or H&M.




7.   Every fashion lover may try out the “It” bag of the season. They might want to test it out at the fast fashion type places before going for it. Examples are: the clear Chanel bags they had a few years ago, the bucket bags made popular again by Coach a few years back (I have a version from kate spade). Novelty type bags that every line does (mine is a jelly basket bag from kate spade). The backpack bags, etc etc.

Here’s a picture of all my designer bags. I love color so I like to own a bag in every color.


What would you add to this list??


Did I miss any??


Thanks for reading.


Stay fabulous!


Spades forever!






Let’s Go Back, Back To The Oscars 2016

Hey hey headbandits!

Sorry for the lame title. It’s a rip on The Laguna Beach opening song by Hilary Duff.

I’ve been meaning to do this post forever and I know the Oscars were forever ago but I  want to catch up.

Did you watch?? I know it was back towards the end of February.

I watched most of it. I thought Chris Rock did great. I wasn’t sure how he’d do or react to some of the stars who wanted to boycott it since not a lot of blacks/diversity were nominated. I guess mainly Jada Pinkett Smith was the person who caused the drama. He surprised me. I thought he’d agree with her but he basically said there’s more important things to complain about regarding black lives/diversity. He called her out too. It was funny like basically saying she was complaining because her husband wasn’t nominated. “Jada said she’s not coming. I was like, ‘isn’t she on a tv show?’ Jada’s gonna boycott the Oscars? Jada boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rihanna’s panties. I wasn’t invited!”

I don’t have a super long list of best dressed actually. I guess I wasn’t super impressed.

Here’s who I thought were the very best:

I thought Cate Blanchett was hands down the best dress. I loved her Armani dress. It’s one of my favorite colors and the flower details are spot on. I  was surprised she didn’t win best actress for Carl though.

88th Annual Academy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, America - 28 Feb 2016

Mandatory Credit: Photo by David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock (5599371dd) Cate Blanchett 88th Annual Academy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, America – 28 Feb 2016


I absolutely loved Gaga in Brandon Maxwell. The dress over pants is so cool and modern. She looks great.



Saoirse Ronan looked amazing too in Calvin Klein Collection. I love the sequins and color. I like that she wore her hair down. She looks cool,young,and modern. I thought she would win for Brooklyn but she didn’t. I guess she’s actually from Ireland so she wanted to wear that color of her dress and her earrings were for Ireland too. I think one was white and one was green. It’s good to see her acting again. I didn’t see her in the Lovely Bones but I remember she was nominated when she was younger.




Here are some other dresses I liked:

  1. Daisy Ridley in Chanel. I’m not even sure who that actress is but I am always a fan of Chanel.
  2. Giuliana Rancic in Georges Chakra. She looks effortless. So simple. I think it would have even looked better with the flower details on the side gone.
  3. Julianne Moore always looks great. I love this Chanel dress.
  4. Margot Robbie in Tom Ford.
  5. Maria Menounous in Christian Siriano. I love the beading and shape. It’s very Gatsby.
  6. Olivia Munn in Stella McCartney. I love the color and simplicity of it.
  7. Rachel McAdams in August Getty Atelier. She looks young and fresh.



The only movie I saw that was nominated was Creed. I’d never seen any of those other Stallone movies but it was actually really good. He won the Golden Globe for best supporting actor, which I thought was cool.

I wanted to see Brooklyn and Room. I didn’t get to them yet. Room looks intense though. Brie Larson won best actress for it. She looked so familiar to me the whole time I was watching the show and I couldn’t figure it out. She was in the first 21 Jump Street. I think that’s cool that she won after that.

Actually, I did see Revenant right after the Oscars. I watched it with a friend. It wasn’t my cup of tea. It’s definitely a period piece. It was good just not my favorite kind of movie. I thought it was funny that Leo finally won an Oscar for this movie when he doesn’t really talk in this movie at all. It’s a bunch of grunting and what not. He’s just like, give me the Oscar already. haha! I thought he had better performances but good for him for finally winning one!

I started watching Hateful Eight one night too but it was so boring to me. The exposition was way too long. I think it’s 3 hours long. All of those Tarantino movies seem to have the same theme with bounty hunters and he uses the same actors a lot. I just recently saw Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained and those were really super good. Pulp Fiction blew my mind but again it had some of the same actors/bounty hunter theme. I just couldn’t finish or get into Hateful Eight.

Who did you like at The Oscars??



spades forever!

stay fabulous!



*All of the images I found on

Busy Week in Fashion-Met Gala ‘Manus x Machina’,Audrey Hepburn’s Birthday, and Kentucky Derby

Hey guys!

Sorry I’ve been MIA. I can’t even remember my last post. I will hopefully catch up soon.

I want to do an Oscar’s recap. I know it’s a bit behind, but better late than never!

I hope life’s been treating you beautifully. It’s warmed up quite a bit in the Pacific Northwest…where I live. It’s been in the 60-80s since about the end of April. Summer has hit early…maybe. Sometimes it will snow in June. No surprise though.

The first week in May was a pretty busy week in fashion. We had the Met Gala last Monday (The 2nd), Audrey Hepburn’s birthday was the 4th (Wednesday), and The Kentucky Derby was Saturday, I believe (May 7th).

Audrey would have been 87. I did a post on her a few years ago. I will try to find the link. If not, type in “Audrey” on my site and it should come up. I would have worn my Audrey shirt, but I’m moving and can’t find it. I think I wore polkadots that day. As many of my headbandits remember, I just love Audrey. Her grace and effortless inspires me. She is the epitome of chicness and style. She did a lot to help people too. She was an ambassador for UNICEF.

Hopefully I can do a recap of The Kentucky Derby too soon. I haven’t even looked at the fashion coverage yet, but I will.  I did a post year about what I would wear if I went. I’ve always loved this event because, as any hair accessory lover will know, that’s what it’s known for! The bigger the hat, the better. It looks so fun. I just want to go for that reason. haha! I know nothing about horse racing.

Ok, and now to what this post is mainly about: The Met Gala. Besides The Oscars, this is probably the main event for the fashion world. It’s this event that raises money for The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) in New York. It’s followed in proportion with the opening of the new costume exhibit (from my understanding). I want to go so bad! I guess the tickets are super pricey though. That’s mainly why it appears celebs are there.

I haven’t seen the exhibit yet or researched it. I’m not sure if there’s a way to look at it online, but the theme this year was “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology.”

I guess it could be interpreted in a lot of different ways, but when I hear it, I think of all the 3D printing going on now and things of that nature. That is huge right now and how you can design/make your own printed fabric with computers.

I wasn’t really impressed with the dresses this year. There was a ton of silver glittery ones and they looked more Gatsby to me than technology. Maybe they were going for a futuristic vibe? A lot of them just seemed to be gowns that could be going to any red carpet.

There was only really a couple that, I thought, stuck to the theme. You don’t have to dress to the theme but it is highly encouraged and I think more fun that way.

The only one that stuck to the theme for me, was Kate Hudson.

She wore Altelier Versace and it looked like it had 3D printed designs on it. I’m not sure how they were made, but to me I totally got the dress with the theme of the event. I loved the dress too. She’s done a couple white moments on the red carpet and always look chic in them.



I thought Emma Watson stayed true to the theme too. It wasn’t exactly my favorite look. I did like it but I didn’t love it. She’s doing the pants over dress thing again. I think that is so cool. I did that  as a kid in the 90s. Other kids didn’t get it. They would ask me why I was wearing a dress over pants. It was trivial to me. I would be like, well why are you wearing a shirt with pants?? haha! kids!  Glad to see it’s coming back. I was totally ahead of my time! Lady Gaga did it at the Oscars too…oh her white Atelier Versace gown/pants combo was stunning.

Oh wait, Gaga wore Brandon Maxwell to the Oscars. It looks a lot like Versace or Armani Prive.

Back to Emma Watson, her dress was Calvin Klein Collection but I read it was made out of garbage. I think water bottles and stuff. I think that is where fashion is going too with the “going green” and recycling bit. A lot of people now are into that and especially for fashion. It helps the planet but also makes them feel good, I guess. I didn’t even know they were pants at first till it was pointed out.



I wasn’t really impressed with anyone else to be honest, like I  saying. They just were basic dresses. I didn’t see the MET theme in them.

I will show you a few I liked though.

We have Kristen Stewart in Chanel. I think she looks so hip,young, and cool.

Sienna Miller in Gucci. She always looks stunning to me.

Alexa Chung in Thankoon. I like her jumpsuit. She looks young and cool to me too.

Claire Danes in Zac Posen. I wasn’t a huge fan until I found out it lit up. She didn’t show it on the carpet though, that I saw. I think that is staying true to the theme. She looks like a modern day Cinderella.

Emma Roberts looks cool in Tory Burch. I dig the color and style. It’s very Bohemian.

Freida Pinto looks chic and effortless in Tory Burch too. I’m loving the white gowns.

Selena Gomez looks cool in Louis Vuitton. I like the polkadots with shrunk leather vest.

I like the color tulle of Lorde’s dress. It’s Valentino. I’m not sure what happened to her wrist though.

I love Lupita Nuong’o’s Calvin Klein Collection dress. Fun color and the sparkle. I don’t get the hair though. I read she was inspired by former African American hair styles though.

Poppy whoever (forget her last name) in Marchesa. Looks like a Gatsby dress though. It’s gorgeous.

Last but not least,


I should have made her picture bigger. There’s been some drama over her Met Gala look. She’s usually the face of the event. She always dresses on tee with the theme. Now a lot of people don’t like her look. They don’t get it.

I kind of agree with them. I like it. She showed the back on Instagram. She had her hair pulled half up with a black bow and the bodice looked like a corset so it had some lacing in the back.

I guess she was inspired by the play Hamilton. It’s a new show about Alexander Hamilton, so you can see how she got inspired by that time period.

She got flack for it and defended it saying that she wanted it to be about the technology of the hand,the workmanship…something along that line. I just don’t think it’s for this event.

I love SJP though and normally love everything she wears, especially her Met Gala look. I do think it’s cool how she thought of an original idea and stands out. She’s always been unique and has a strong sense of self. I admire that in her. She takes risks.


I got all the photos off Instyle and they get all the credit. I’ve said it before, but I like there coverage the best.

This is all I have time for now.

Let me know your favorite Met Gala look!

Spades forever!

Stay fabulous!







Those Globes Though-My Favorite 2016 Golden Globes Looks

Hello, hello Headbandits!

I’ve been meaning to post this review of The Golden Globes 2016 red carpet looks for a while and I started working on it when the Globes were actually on, but I haven’t gotten the time to finish it. I thought I better hurry since The Oscars are this Sunday. Here are some of my favorite looks and trends I noticed.




Amy Adams in Atelier Versace, Angela Bassett in an unknown orange gown, Giuliana Rancic in Alex Perry.


Taraji P. Henson in Stella McCartney, Laverne Cox in Elizabeth Kennedy, Saoirse Ronan in Saint Laurent, Judith Light in an unknown white suit

Sequins were big:

Uzo Aduba in Talbot Runhof, Juliane Moore in her main squeeze Tom Ford, Jenna Dewan-Tatum in Zuhair Murad, Kate Bosworth in Dolce&Gabanna, and Taylor Schilling in a Thakoon suit (she looks so cool and edgy), Brie Larson in Calvin Klein.

Graphic/Lots of Color:

It was good to see a ton of color this year instead of black. I love color.

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Marc Jacobs, Jaimie Alexander in Genny, Jada Pinkett Smith in Versace, Queen Latifah in Badgley Mischka, J.Lo in Giambattista Vali,and I loved Katy Perry in Prada…the bow is so sweet.


Amanda Peet in McQueen, Leslie Mann in Monique Lhuillier, Corinne Foxx-unknown, Malin Akerman in Reem Acra, and Lily James in Marchesa.

I liked J.Law’s red Dior dress too like how it kind of looks like a crop top and then it had cut outs on the side, but I didn’t like the necklace.

Oh yeah, please note I got most all these pictures at I think they do the best red carpet coverage. A few I got on Google Images. I do not take credit for any of the images and give it all to the photographers.

Who did you like??

I’ll try to knock out the Grammy’s one before Sunday too!







Robert Burns Scottish Party and Those SAGS

Hello,hello headbandits!!

I went to the sickest party ever last night with a friend who is a friend of the host.

I don’t even know where to begin. I ate so much food. It was a buffet only dreams are made of. They had everything-ham, turkey, KFC chicken, lots of salads, haggis, etc. etc. I didn’t try the haggis though.

They had a room full of wine and expensive cheese-the cheeses were AWESOME especially Cougar Gold (a local fav that I just tried last night). The had a Scotch tasting room with big fish bowl glasses. I didn’t even drink. My firends tried to get me to. I don’t have much experince with alcohol or like it much for that matter. I had it in the big glass but it was confusing on how to get it down. It touched my lips and burned and I had enough-haha!

I just had fun conversing with the different people. I met this Ryan Reynolds look a like with a beard who had the best taste in literature. I’m talking Ginsberg, Thoreau, Emerson,David Foster Wallace, Salinger, and on and on. It was a treat talking to someone with such taste in lit. It’s hard to find people with such great taste in literature who isn’t in college. I really enjoyed talking to him.

Then I LOVED the Burns reading. It was so much fun. I didn’t know it was a thing at this party. People came prepared to read one of his poems. It was a competition of sorts. You were supposed to do it in a Scottish accent but I didn’t know how.  Next year I will come more prepared but the host let me read one out of his Burns book.  It made me miss my college days because we used to do readings all the time. I really wanted to do it to win a prize hahaha but it was fun too. I won a pair of  sweet tartan mugs. Heck yah! Afterwards a lot of people said how well I did. The host even said I did so well and I got a personal invite back from him for the following year. Pretty cool for a novice like me. 

 Then a group of us downstairs were just shooting breeze and telling jokes…..jokes! I forgot how much fun it is to just sit around telling jokes. Used to do that with my cousins as kids.

Def have more stories like how the host thought I was double fisting drinks in red solo cups, but it was just water in one and short bread cookies in the other (homemade-OMG SO GOOD). LOL I live for nights like this. Thanks for the invite Dan (a co-worker). This is what life is about…connecting. It was super super fun. 

I met some cool  people. This one gal I met was so bubbly and had a huge personality. She asked if I was an artist and I said yes. Then she said I was a fairy. She said I had good energy and was bubbly and vivacious and will go far in life. 🙂

This is what I wore. Most all of it is thrifted but the tee is Gap and the headband is Rue21. So fun!! Bunny not included. It’s my friend’s Sarah’s, Elizabeth Bennett aka Lizzie Boo (that’s what I call her). She’s a doll.

burns night

Here’s before the night during the day: me and Ruthy just chilling.

We match!

baby ruth

The Friday before. This past Friday. I finally found french macaroons!! It’s hard to find them in my city. We are big but small compared to some. We aren’t no NY or LA. Omg they were so cute and tasty.


Great weekend.

Hey! Did you watch the SAGs?? I thought they were on the 30th but they have all the outfits last night so maybe it’s just filmed and showed later.

I’m still gonna do a Globes recap, but here are my favorites for 2016 SAGS:

In no particulat order:

  1. Ana Farris in the red Naeem Kann gown. I love the shape and color. I like how it’s a vintage style but with a modern twist with the slit.
  2. Kristen Wig in Roland Mouret. I love when someone does a pant at an event like this. She just looks super edgy and cool.
  3. Sofia Vergara! I LOVE this. She noramlly does the same va-va-voom shape and dress. This is still the dress but it’s usually sequin or something. I love the fresh take on the shape she always goes for. That color is divine.
  4. Brie Larson in the powder blue high slit Versace. I just love the high slit, color, and shape. It’s innovative and fresh to me.
  5. Emilia Clarke in the hot pink full skirt,deep v ball gown. Love the vintage shape, again, but with a modern twist.
  6. Rachel McAdams in the Elie Saab champagne and lace crop topish with full skirt. She looks so fresh and cool.
  7. Uzo Aduba in the emerald green glitter Zac Posen. Reminds me of the Emerald City. Looks stunning on her.

*all SAG photos from and I give all the credit to the photographers there.

Who were your  favs?? The trends I saw, which make me so happy, were:

cut outs

high slits on one leg

deep v’s almost done to the belly button but someone they looked tasteful.

a lot of form fitting column type dresses.

ahhhh I LOVE all the color too. They had tons of color at the Globes too. It’s nice for me because I get bored of black all the time. I’m glad some are taking risks.

I have some honorable mentions too. It’s actually longer than the main list lol.

  1. Naomi Watts in the blue flower column dress with black sash around the waist. It was Burberry. She always looks great.
  2. Juliane Moor in the Givenchy lime green sequin dress. I just wish it was a big tigheter.
  3. Saoirse Ronan in the long sleeve blush speckled long sleeve Michael Kors dress. She looked effortless. I dug her messy hair too.
  4. K. Shipka Erden. The madmen girl! I never watched the show. She wore a Erdem dark purple sweetheart strapless ball gown with silver flowers. She looked great.
  5. C. Brownstein in the tea length grey-silver gown with faint graphic print and deep v that is covered by sheer material.
  6. Marissa Tomei in Zuhair Murad’s long sleeve v-neck ruched hunter green gown with the sequins. Very pretty.
  7. Eva Longoria in Julien Macdonald. It was more of a army green. long sleeve deep v studded and exposed skin slits. Column dress style. She looked great.
  8. J. Pare in Kaufmanfranco. Black silt dress. Very interesting siholette. It had a high necklace with no sleeves of sorts. Cut outs on the sides of her stomach. But the front had the cut out and it flared out in an A-line style and had pockets. Very cool and unique.
  9. January Jones in Schiaparelli Haute Couture. The mint green chiffon dress was stunning. Very ethereal. It had too much fabric though.



I will try to do the Globes recap here soon. I have it all written down.


Thanks for reading.


Stay fabulous.


Spades forever!









I want to Forgive but I can’t Forget You… I’m Scared You’ll Forget About Me

LC cry one tear


Do you ever just cry a single tear about people who aren’t in your life anymore? I mean sometimes it happens. You just grow apart or are pulled apart by forces you can’t control. It makes me really sad though sometimes. Usually at night.

I was thinking about the last guy I dated. Read about him here. I kind of miss him even though he was a little mean to me at the end. I don’t know much else to say about him. I don’t think he’s a bad person. Does he miss me? I have no idea. He’s going through stuff and it’s not the right time for him to be in a relationship. I had a good time with him when he was being nice and I miss how goofy he was.

The title of this post is a mix of quotes. The first part is a play on LC from “The Hills” when she is so hurt by her former best friend Heidi. She’s like, “I want to forgive and forget you.”

But for me, it’s hard to forget people. I want to forgive him, but I can’t forget how he made me feel (that’s also another quote-people will forget what you said, but never how they made you feel). I liked hanging out with him. He’s fun,goofy,and sweet, but he isn’t in a good place currently; at least that is what I surmised. It’s hard. I kind of get it. When I went through my stuff this summer, I wasn’t around people much or in a place to be with someone or even want to be with someone.

I like to think people are good at heart and believe he’s a good person. It’s hard though because sometimes you have to see them for who they are at the current moment in time. They might be a good person but not right now. That’s my problem. I see people for who they could be.

And maybe he doesn’t feel that way about me anymore but whatever. Someone once told me, “you have to feel what you feel” and I do.  The time we had was fun and sweet and I guess I have to appreciate it for what it was. And sometimes that might be all the time you have with someone so just go with it.

But it makes me sad that we still can’t have more times like that.

The other part of the title is from John Mayer’s “Edge Of Desire.” I used it in another post too, but the best part of the song is, “There I just said it I’m scared you’ll forget about me.” I think that part is so honest and to the point and really resonates with me. I think when you drift apart from people for whatever reason, that is always in the back of your head. Don’t forget about me. Read the lyrics here. It’s kind of a heartbreaking song but I like how real it is and it’s a true condition of life whether is be a breakup of friendship, significant other, etc.

This also reminds me of that line in the movie “Stand By Me.” It’s like (more or less), “friends come and go like busboys in a restaurant.”

It is sad and I don’t know what to make of it. It’s happened before for me with friends. It used  to be really hard for me. But people grow and change and I guess I have to accept that.

Still, my heart breaks a little that I might not see him again. I truly wish him the best. Maybe he isn’t for me. Maybe it’s not the right time. Maybe I will never see him again. Maybe it will never be the right time.

But I can smile and appreciate the moment in time we did have. That time will never change.






2015 In Pictures


Here’s some of what I had go down in 2015 in picture form.



brooklyn bridge tat


My best friend died the second week or so of December 2015. He was only 25. He had a torn aorta that was undetected. It is tragic really. I got t his tattoo for him. He and I both love New York. Lucky for him, he got to go at the end of September 2015,maybe early October. This is a tatto oof the Brooklyn Bridge, a personal favorite of mine. In rom coms there’s this thing where couples plan to meet on the Brooklyn Bridge like if they are fighting and want to forgive and forget what had happened and start over. They meet in the middle of the bridge and that means it was meant to be. A little diff context but this is for James Wiecks. We both love NY. I’m glad he got to go before he passed. I know one day we will meet again though. This is for you buddy. Read the original post here.

I got a bunny! Her name is Ruthy. She is a doll. I just love her. She is so sassy and fun. I got her a week before Christmas 2015, I’d say. She is everything.

Also when I got my Brooklyn Bridge tattoo, I also got two others. I got a semi-colon because I have anxiety and I had a break down in the spring of 2015 after I broke up with my first serious boyfriend. It was hard and I haven’t said much about it on here, but I got this tattoo to remind myself that I don’t have to be defined by my past and that my life is going on. It was so hard during the moment,but I am so much stronger.

Of course I had to get me a spade tattoo!! I love it.


(top left corner) The blue tutu was my 25th birthday. It wasn’t my best birthday but I did wear that outfit to work.

(top middle) I saw weird Al with my brother in 2015. What a fun concert. That was the first time I’ve seen him in concert.

(top right). I cut my hair in late October of 2015. I got rid of 12 inches. After all I went through, it just felt good to move on and start fresh.

(below the tutu pic) I then decided to get a bunch of blonde highlights. I do it in the fall usually. It’s funny because most people go darker in the fall/winter. Not me.

(below the blonde hair pic) I got my nose pierced and a third ear piercing around November 2015. So fun!

(braid picture) I got really into braids at the end of 2015. I can’t do them myself but lately I enjoy getting them done. I can usually get them done for $15-20 bucks.

(bottom pictures) My first real design. It’s basically an unconventional (made out of paper, etc) challenge I did that was at the mall but promoted this New Years Eve event that is big in our town. I got kicked out though because it isn’t “family friendly.” hahah Don’t get it but the place where I live is super conservative. It’s annoying to say the least. You tell me how it isn’t “family friendly.” Some people!


Other things I got into in 2015:

Eminem,some rap. I wish I could rap myself. I think it is such talent. My friend at work, Allen, can spit off a few raps off his head like by other artists. It’s impressive.

Stones. I got into them because my first boyfriend was super into them. He’d always give me rose quartz rocks that he’d find. They are very beautiful. I thank him for that because now I’m super into stones but especially turquoise. That is my all time fav. I have a collection going on. It’s just something I never really marveled at before him.

Booties. I mean I know they’ve been around for a while but especially in 2015, end of 2014 I got into them a lot. You can really wear them year round. They look good with pants, shorts, dresses, ankle pants, etc. I love!

Pants. I know that isn’t new but I used to wear dresses year round. I still like dresses, but I’ve been a little more laid back in the way I dress. I think pants can be so cool.

Hmmm I had a list of other stuff but it’s in my car or somewhere. If I find it, I will update this.

More posts to follow!


Stay fabulous!

Spades forever!







I want you so bad I’ll go back on the things I believe

Hey there headbandits.

This is a more serious post. I guess. I dated three guys in 2015. The one was my serious boyfriend (ha or serious to me) that I write about quite a bit. The other was just a week long fling (more on that later) and the third was about a month and a half-two months, I think.

I’m kind of sad about it but sometimes people aren’t ready or the timing is off or maybe they weren’t right for me in the first place.

So I wasn’t even going to go out with him in the first place but then I was just like, what the heck. I’m glad I did because we really hit it off. He was just chill,goofy, and fun to be around. Like me. I really liked how goofy he was. He was sweet too and could cook. I could tell he was raised like me. Our first date was ice skating. It was so fun and he could skate. Ice skating is one of my favorite things to do and it’s hard to find a guy who will do it. He liked tennis like me too and yeah we hung out quite a bit for a week. One of his favorite movies is Wimbledon and I love that movie too, so we watched that. “Love means nothing in tennis. It only means you lose.”-from the movie. It confuses me for sure but I think in life love means you win.

We seemed to be getting along and maybe it was too much at first for him but then he freaked and said he couldn’t do this and how I didn’t want to be with him because he was too emotional and blah blah blah. Had stuff going on,stuff to work on. I don’t know, it made me mad more than anything because I just thought it was a bunch of excuses. If something is working, I say go for it. Being with someone is always a risk and I’m willing to take the risk to see if it works. If you don’t, you’re holding yourself back, I think anyways. So then I was just like, “ok. just forget about me then.”

I didn’t mean it literally. It’s from a song-“Let it Go” by James Bay. I guess he took it literally. He deleted me off facebook and wouldn’t take my calls. Come to find out later, he blocked my number.

It bothered me because I just thought he was scared and running. I needed to see him again and talk to him, so I wrote him a letter. It was nice and sweet. I didn’t think he’d answer it honestly. I thought he’d throw it. I was basically like, “hey don’t be scared. Stuff happens. I’m not perfect either. I want to be there for you.”

Well he answered it via facebook. He messaged me on Christmas. It was cute really. We hung out on Christmas night and it was good to see him. He said he blocked me because I told him to forget about  him. Ok, fair enough, I thought. Makes sense.

When someone tells you who they are the first time, believe them.

Then some weird stuff happened on New Years Eve and the day after. He pulled away again and said sorry again. I forgave him.

We hung out for a week and had a good week, I thought. I was sick and he took care of me. We got into “Breaking Bad.” That show is so insane.

Then I had a dream that had him in it. It was weird haha and had us doing illegal activities lol but the basis of it was that he was running away again. In real life, I wondered if it had any merit to it. I asked someone who studied psychology and she said sometimes dreams are what are subconscious knows to be true but our conscious doesn’t want to admit it.

I guess I always knew he’d run off again. When you’re so that back and fourth, it’s bound to happen again. I guess I knew there was always a time limit with us. I was ready, he wasn’t. I didn’t want to admit it though. I guess I believe in him more than he believes in himself.

The last time he left got pretty ugly. He said some hurtful things to me. He used something that is very personal to me against me. It was such a low blow. I guess he’s just acting out but it’s no excuse. It hurts so much just because I know he’s better than that and I know he was raised better. He’s a child though right now. I’m an adult. It hurts to because he supposedly has been hurt a lot in the past; he knows better. He shouldn’t treat someone like that. No one should.

As much as I like him and care about him, I can’t do it. Not if he keeps pushing me away and doesn’t want someone who is caring.

Did I take it personally though?….No. A year ago I would have. But I know much more this time around and I know when people act like that it’s not about me. It’s about the issues they have with themselves. It does not excuse the behavior, but I know I did nothing wrong and treated him so well. It’s on him now and his conscious.

Do I want to be with him?…Yeah. It hurts.

Is he the one for me?…No. Not with that attitude.

The whole thing was like a rom com honestly.

The thing is I know who I am and I am confident. I will not let someone speak to me that way and I hope he learns that he can’t treat people like that. It’s disgusting.

Would I ever be with him?….Who knows. Maybe he grows up in a few years. But I’m not waiting around and honestly I can forgive him but it’s hard to forget. The damage is already done.

Still it’s hard when you see a spark between someone but they don’t believe in themselves enough. But it’s not the right time, place, or even the person for me.

Growing up is hard. But fun. I learn so much about myself through other people and the experiences I have.

I know I’ve been hurt before, but I’m not letting it stop me try again for love or whatever.