Happy Birthday Audrey!

Hello, hello headbandits!

Just a quick post, but I have to give a shout out to my girl, Audrey. I love her style, sophistication, and elegance.

I’m actually just sharing it from a year ago since I didn’t have much time tonight to make a new one. Click on the link though.

Happy Birthday to my Homegirl, Audrey Hepburn!.

But here’s the cool outfit I wore in honor of her:

Shirt: Macy’s
Pants: JCPenney
Flats: Payless (Kid’s Section)

audrey shirt

I was kind of disappointed that today’s Google Doodle wasn’t dedicated to Audrey like last year’s. Last year’s was so cool.

I will add this: 10 Things You Never Knew About Breakfast At Tiffany’s 

I’m still working on that outfit catch up post and will try to get it out soon too. Oh tonight is the Met Gala too. I’ve been looking at some coverage so maybe I can do a recap of that too. I love the Met Gala.

Spades forever!

Stay fabulous!


H (still using my tablet and can’t find the dang spade)

Fascinating Fascinators: Kentucky Derby Style

Hello, hello headbandits!

Sorry I fell off the blogasphere again. I was doing really well there for a while. I was doing it every Saturday. You know how life goes. It has its ups and downs. I haven’t felt much like blogging. I want to get back into it though. I’ve been keeping track of all my outfits. I haven’t done much instagramming lately but I have been snapping photos on my phone. I will definitely have to do a catch up post soon.

I wanted to try to do a quick post right now though because today is a day any hat, headband, hair accessory junkie would love to attend. It’s the Kentucky Derby! I don’t know a thing about horse racing but I’ve always wanted to go just to dress up and see all the dresses and the beautiful hats.

I think if I were to go to the derby, I would wear a fascinator. I’m more into that fascinator lifestyle than a crazy hat. I love a good hat but I think a fascinator still showcases the person. I wish I lived in Britain too. I wear fascinators or over sized headbands quite a bit and people don’t get it where I live.

Here are a few of my favorite fascinators. I think they would fit in well at the Kentucky Derby:


Lady Gaga in one of her music videos. I can’t remember what song this was now, but I remember when I first saw this, I died. (Ha ha! Now I remember. It was the song Telephone. Wow. So obvious.)  I collect vintage phones and I love the almost tiffany blue color. This would definitely make a statement at the Kentucky Derby. I think it’s very edgy and kitsch. I also really like when you take unconventional items and use them in a conventional way.

orange and pink fascinator

This gal’s fascinator right here is one of my very very favorites. Her name is Katherine Jenkins, apparently. I think she is some royal. This is actually from Royal Ascot Day 2013. I think that is Britain’s equivalent of the  Kentucky Derby. My favorite color is orange and I also really love pink. I think they are a very good combination together. I think the fascinator is very chic and sophisticated. It would be perfect at the Kentucky Derby

poppy fascinator

This was actually at Kate and William’s wedding, so she is definitely a royal. I love a flower headband, so I definitely would wear this. I love the orange color too;at least it looks orange-ish to me. It reminds me of poppies which are my favorite flowers. I think this is almost like a hat but a little more interesting. Definitely a fun choice for the Kentucky Derby.

lc kentucky derby

Lauren Conrad at the 2013 K-Derby. I actually really like how hers is a giant oversized headband. It’s very floral inspired. The only thing is for me, mine would have to be a color. I think it would have been really cool if it was a tiffany blue color. It would really pop against that nude color dress.

jennifer behr studded headband

Jennifer Behr studded turban headband. This is from a few years ago. I first heard of Jennifer Behr because Blair (Leighton Meester) on Gossip Girl used to wear a ton of her headbands. I know this isn’t really a traditional hat or fascinator and maybe not the traditional style for this kind of an event, but I still think it’s unique enough and loud enough to stand on its own and it might be the perfect choice for the edgy race girl.


Still want to make a statement but nothing too crazy?? How about this giant oversized bow headband from kate spade?? I think it came in black and a champagne color too. It was on Nordstrom.com but I’m not sure if they still have it. You can never go wrong with a bow! You know what they say, bows before bros! You could even add some tulle netting in the front to make it a little more fancy.

blair hat

You can’t do a Kentucky Derby post without mentioning Blair! She probably inspired me to get into headbands. I loved all the ones she wore on the show. I like this look because it reminds me of Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady. That’s probably the inspiration since she loves Audrey so much (speaking of, it’s her birthday Monday!). This is a classic look for the derby.


Not traditional at all but a unique piece that would definitely make a statement. I’ve always wanted an antler headband. I think they are cool!

I know I’m missing a whole bunch on this list but this is all I could think of off the top of my head. I’ll have to do another post when I think of more favorite fascinators.

I also saw these tonight at Macy’s and thought they would be good Kentucky Derby Dresses. All 3 are Calvin Klein.

IMG_20150502_154925_edit picmix-50.867

I think that is going to about do it for me. I will try to get that outfit catch up out here pretty soon.

What would you want to wear to the Kentucky Derby??

Stay fabulous!

Spades forever!


H (I’m using my tablet and I can’t find the spade…sad)


Hey guys!

I think blogging for me once a week is really working out. I’ve been doing it every Saturday and so far I’ve kept it up the past three weeks or so. I feel good. Hey, sometimes it’s the little things in life.

Let’s just get right into what I wore this week. It will be from Sunday March 15-Friday March 20,2015. My work week is Sunday-Thursday. Half the time I don’t even wear any real outfits on Friday or Saturday because I usually just lounge around. If I do go out Fri or Sat, I will share them.

After I created this collage, I realized all I wore this week was pink and green. Oh and polkadots. I always wear polkadots but I didn’t realize how often I do. It was 4/6 days that I did. I guess that’s why they call me Dot-haha! Kind of funny how that works out. It was St. Patrick’s Day Tuesday, as many of you know, so I guess I was just feeling the green most of the week.



Top Left: Sunday March 15, 2015
Top, Jacket: Old Navy but they are both thrifted
Jeggings: Fred Meyer
Boots:Hunter via Nordstrom Rack-Only 79.95. That’s really good because they retail anywhere from 120 and up.
Hat: Local Craft Fair. It’s one of my favorites. I wear it around the house a lot.

Top Middle: Monday March 16, 2015
Long Sleeve Shirt: JCPenney
Leggings,Flats: Target Kids
Skirt,Cardigan: Thrifted
Headband: Shopgoodwill.com (Who knew Goodwill had an auction site?? I find a lot of good stuff there)

Top Right: Tuesday March 17,2015-Happy St. Patrick’s Day
Dot shirt: Target
Green Jeans: Wet Seal
Fleece Leopard Cardigan (I got it for only a quarter!), Glitter Bracelet: Thrifted
Green Glitter Headband: Local craft show
Booties: Shopgoodwill

Bottom Left: Wednesday March 18,2015
Not the best outfit, but sometimes you want to be comfortable and not wear anything constricting. Not that my clothes are but I just wanted everything to be loose that day. Someone I worked with said, “St. Patrick’s Day was yesterday.” What a clown.
Pants: Macy’s
Sweatshirt,Boat Shoes: Thrifted

Bottom Middle: Thursday March 19,2015
Pants: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s
Minnie Tank: Target
Vans: Thrifted. I love these. I almost got them on ebay but then forgot about them and missed out on bidding or even winning them.
Long Sleeve Shirt: Forever 21. I actually use them a lot for layering in the colder months. They are cheap but really thin and I like how thin they are. Perfect thickness for layering like this. I have a white one too. I need to get some new ones. I almost wore both of them out.

Bottom Right: Friday March 20,2015
Dress: Forever 21
Cardigan: Old Navy
Leggings: JCPenney
Flats: Gap. I love these ones. Very bright color and I got them for only a dollar! Last year at the end of the season. I probably say that every time, but they were a great find. Real leather too.
Necklace: I’m wearing that bow one that I got at Shopko for a dollar. I don’t know if you can see it because it’s kind of small here. I’ve shared it in recent previous posts though. If you go back one, I show it up closer.

3rd wk march 2015 BP



Well, that ought to do it for this week!


Spades forever!


Stay fabulous!







Outfits Of The Week: Sunday March 8-Thursday March 12, 2015

Hey guys!

Just a quick outfit post for you.

But wait, did you see this last week–The Zoolander 2 reveal at the end of the Valentino show? That’s kind of everything.

Hope you’ve been having a good week. The weather here has been unreal. On Tuesday, it was even a high at 70 degrees. I love, love it.

Ok, the outfits:

Top left: Sunday March 8th
Tee shirt: Target
Pants: Celebrity Pink via Macy’s
Boots: Born via a thrift store (20 bucks!!)
Headband: It’s my spiked one. Might be kinda hard to see. Got it at Shopko.

Top middle: Monday March 9th
Tank: Old Navy via thrift store
Cardi: Marshalls
Pants: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s
Headband: Target kids
Flats: Gap super sale! Got them for only a dollar and they are real leather.
Sunnies: Forever 21
Wallet: kate spade via kate spade Tulalip,WA outlet (holiday 2013)

Top right: Tuesday March 10th
Feeling a little bit Dorothy Inspired.
Tee shirt: Given to me but it’s just from JCPenney.
Skirt,Glitter Toms: Nordstrom Rack
Leggings: kate spade via TJ Maxx

Bottom left: Wednesday March 11th
Tee Shirt: Just a Men’s Hanes v-neck. My fav. I buy the 3 pack and just wear them.
Pants: Marshalls Marysville
Boots: Kohl’s
Sweater: Target kids.

Bottom Middle: Thursday March 12th DAY
I forgot to get a pic of myself in this outfit because I had a work event after and didn’t snap a picture before I changed.
Shirt: JCPenney
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Kohl’s

Bottom right: Thursday March 12th NIGHT
I had a work event. It was an awards night with a party afterwards
Dress: kate spade gayle dress via super sale via the Camarillo, CA outlet
Flats: Gap
Cardigan: Goodwill
Belt: Thrift store find
Bracelet, necklace: Target
Watch: Timex
Bag: kate spade via Tulalip,WA Outlet
3.14.15 #1


Let’s look at some of my accessories a little closer:

Top feft: That bow necklace I’ve been wearing a lot. I got it at Shopko for only one dollar! That’s how I do. Like I said in a previous post, it reads very kate spade.

Top middle: Gap flats next to a heart shaped piece of paper I found outside my work.

Top right: My kate spade “all wrapped up” bow ring and necklace. I wore this with Monday’s look. I want the earrings. I missed out on them on Nordstrom online a while ago. Keep kicking myself.

Bottom left: My Dorothy glitter Toms via kids section Nordstrom Rack. Got my Emerald city earrings via JCPenney. I had on a red glitter fabric headband too that I got at a craft store. The glitter bracelets are from Goodwill. The red and green read Emerald City and Dorothy shoes to me. I wore these with Tuesdays look.

Bottom middle: My friend did my nails for awards night to match my dress and cardigan. I think I’ve said this a lot, but tiffany blue and orange are my very favorite color combo!
tiffany blue polish: Essie Where’s My Chauffeur?
orange: Sally Hansen Full Salon Manicure Kook-A-Mango

Bottom right: Those are my accessories for awards night up a little closer.

Yesss! I feel good. I got my weekly post in. I’ve been on a roll. This feels like a  major accomplishment since I was so off the blog radar for 3 months. I don’t have any outfits for yesterday or today as I’ve mainly been scrubbing at home and relaxing.


Stay fabulous!


Spades forever!








Outfits In Review: Sunday March 1-Saturday March 7,2015

Hello,hello headbandits!

I’m trying to stay updated as much as possible so it’s not as hard on me and also I want to share my outfits with you all. I can’t promise I can blog every day, but I can at least aim for once a week.

This week has really felt like Spring. It’s 60s degrees now. The sun is shining and it feels so warm. I walked around downtown a little and went to some of my favorite shops. I love doing that when it gets nicer. This is the kind of weather I live for. Is it getting warm where you live?

Let’s just dive right in with the outfits. I did my best this week. My phone was acting up because I have too many photos. I transferred some over to my computer so now it should be good. Some of the outfits I couldn’t snap the day of, but I recreated them here for you.


Top left corner: Sunday March 1st,2015
Dress: Vintage
Necklace, fleece cardigan: Thrifted
Booties: Shopgoodwill.com
Leggings: kate spade via TJ Maxx (they have a little gold spade down near the ends of one of the legs. They were only like 12.99 too.)
I wore my tiffany blue kate spade clasp bangle too, but it’s kind of hard to see.
The little tiffany blue belt just came off a pair of pajamas, oddly enough.

Top Middle: Monday March 2,1015
Dress: Gap-60% off. It was probably only 12 bucks or so.
Booties: Kohls
Sweater:Thrift Store
Leggings: Macy’s

Top Right: Tuesday March 3,2015
I was feeling a very Hipster vibe.
Chambray shirt, Vans: Thrifted
Hat: Forever 21
Pants: Macy’s

Bottom Left: Wednesday March 4,2015
This wasn’t the whole outfit. I was wearing boots (the ones that you will see in the next photo) and black pants, I think.
Feeling my 4th of July shirt. It’s my favorite holiday.
Long Sleeve Shirt: JCPenney

Bottom Middle: Thursday March 5, 2015
Boots: Chinese Laundrey via Famous Footwear Outlet. I wear these all the time. I love that camel color. It’s so luscious and they are real leather. To die.
Peplum Shirt: Gap Kids-it has pink polkadots on it too but kind of hard to see here.
Pink Long Sleeve: American Eagle
Jegging Jeans: Fred Meyer
Sweater (It has little pink roses on it): Thrifted

Bottom Right: Friday March 6,2015
Dot Sweater: It’s Forever 21 but I got it at Goodwill
Pants: Macy’s
Boots: Chinese Laundry
Hat: Forever 21
Faux Leather Moto Jacket (my fav lately): Plato’s Closet



Here are some of the details up closer and one more look.

Top left: Today Saturday March 7,2015
Pants: Macy’s
Shirts, Converse: Thrifted

Top Middle: The bracelet I’m wearing today. I love it. It reminds me of the J.Crew ones and the like. I got it at Hobby Lobby for 72 cents. You can’t beat it. I love all the colors.

Top Right: Here is just that rose sweater up closer. I hope you can see the detail better.

Bottom left: Here is the necklace and bracelet I wore a few times this week. That necklace reminds me of the kate spade skinny mini bow one, but I actually got it at Shopko for ONE DOLLAR! That’s how I shop. The bangle though is kate spade. I got it at the outlets two Thanksgivings ago. It was the day I worked there for a day. I actually just am now taking the tag off and have never worn it. I do that a lot with things in my closet. It has to be the right moment to wear it. Read about how I got to be a kate spade girl for a day here.

Bottom Middle: The ring I’ve been obsessed with lately. I got it two weeks ago at an antique store where I live. I love turquoise.

Bottom right: Back to today again. It’s just my shirt up closer. It’s sunny today so I wanted to wear my sunglasses shirt.

If you want to see anything up closer too, you should be able to click on the picture and it should get bigger in another window.


Here’s one more cool thing I forgot to share with you! I got my very first kate spade dress last week. I have to give a shout out to Jules at KateSpadeGirl for helping me. Check out her blog. I love her style and she has a ton of kate spade dresses, bags, etc. She really is a kate spade girl through and through. She knows a lot about those spades and even helped me pick the perfect size. See, where I live there are NO kate spade outlets. It’s very sad. The closet one to me is over 300 miles away and I only get to it when I visit my Grandma. Jules saw the dress and immediately thought of me. She let  me know and I called up the store and ordered it.  I love orange of course. And it was 50 perfect off and then an extra 20 perfect, so the dress was only 50 bucks before shipping and what not. That’s SO crazy for a kate spade dress. It’s the Gayle dress.

I’m really excited because I actually have a work event to go to next week and so I am going to wear it. I’m planning on accenting it with tiffany blue accessories. That’s my favorite color combination. The belt in the photo is kate spade too but I think for the night I’m wearing a polkadot one instead. Love those dots and stripes.

That’s kind of a funny picture. I took it late at night so my usual place was too dark to take the photo. It looks like I’m standing in the tub, but I’m not. It’s just how it’s cropped.






Ok! That was this week. Hopefully I can stay updated week by week.


Spades forever!


Stay fabulous!








Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Hello,hello headbandits!

I just wanted to share my other outfits for the rest of the week. I just posted my Oscars 2015 recap, so check that out if you haven’t already.  I didn’t get Friday’s outfit though. I wish I did. My phone is kind of old (two years is old in the electronics world, right?) and the camera is full, so it won’t let me take any more pictures. I need to transfer everything over to my computer, but it takes me a while. The struggle.



Here’s Tuesday Feb 24,2015 (Lime Green Pant Look) and Thursday Feb 26, 2015 (Red Dot Dress Look). The Wednesday look will be after this. I don’t know why I did it in this order. I was messing around with Picasa on my computer.

Lime green Pants: Hut 8 (it’s like Plato’s Closet)
Headband: Nordstrom
White Shirt: Target
Sunnies: Forever 21
Shoes,Leopard Fleece Jacket: Thrift

Red dot dress: Nordstrom Rack
Shirt: Gap (I realized I wore this 3 times this week. I forgot I wore it Sunday and then I wore it Friday too. It’s such a classic shirt.)
Boots: Chinese Laundrey via Famous Footwear Outlet. I love them. Great color and real leather.
Leggings: Macy’s
Sweater: Thrifted




WEDNESDAY:On Wednesdays We Wear Pink. Actually really my friend at work and I planned to wear pink together.
Orange Coat: Tulle via TJ Maxx
Boots: Hunter via Nordstrom Rack
Leopard Fleece Jacket: It’s from the kid’s section at a thrift store and it was legit a quarter. It’s my fav. It feels very 60s.
Leggings: Macy’s
Dress: Nordstrom
Polkadot Cardi: Goodwill Outlet



Friday’s outfit was kind of similar to what I wore Sunday. I wore that striped Gap shirt, black pants, those camel brown Chinese Laundry boots, and that leopard fleece jacket. I wore this cool orange stone like necklace with matching earrings (purchased at another store though),my turquoise ring (purchased last week-you can see it in Sunday’s photo), and I wore my hair in a braid like in those other pictures above. I love orange and turquoise together and I’m obsessed with wearing my hair in a braid like that. I may be repeating it for a while.

My watermark is kind of weird up there. Too tiny. I was messing with Paint and Picasa. I guess I didn’t do it big enough. Oh well. Next time.

Can you believe it’s almost March?? Wow. Time really is flying.


Ok, I better clean up my camera soon so I can do more photos. I haven’t been able to do any more outfit photos and I’m dying. If you wear a really good outfit and no one on the interwebs saw it, did it really happen?!? Ha These are the questions that haunt me.

Stay fabulous!


Spades forever!





What They Wore: Oscars 2015 Style

Hello, hello headbandits!

As promised, here is my Oscars 2015 coverage. It’s been on my mind this whole week.

I guess I wasn’t that impressed with the looks this year. Nothing super wowed me. There weren’t a lot of stand out looks for me that will go down in history. I noticed there wasn’t a lot of color either. That always kind of bores me. To me, color is the ultimate form of sophistication. I think Isaac Mizrahi said that, but it’s true. There were a lot of neutrals. White seemed to be a thing and ball gowns. I’m not the biggest fan of ball gowns. I think they are kind of tired and cliche. I’m more into a cooler, sleeker,edgier silhouette;however, sometimes (as you will see on my list), I do appreciate a ball gown if it’s cool enough or different enough.

I didn’t get to watch the fashion pre-show because I was at work, so most of these are what I strictly saw at the show. I loved the opening by the way. I love how Broadway it was and the musicality behind it. To me, NPH is everything. I thought he did great and I loved all his outfit changes.

Ok here we go. My best dressed. In no particular order. Please note all the pictures of the actresses are not mine and I do not take credit. All credit will be given to the source.

1. Naomi Watts In Armani.

I like how it’s kind of sporty-chic. It reminds me of a racer back style but with the bandeaux type piece. I love how it’s backless. I think that’s kind of edgy and cool to do something that’s more casual and then dress it up. That’s one of my favorite things to do in my personal style. I just love that kind of juxtaposition. The silver and black are cool too. She took a fashion risk and it paid off. Funny enough, the source I got this from said she was one “The Worst Dress.” I totally disagree. I loved her hair and makeup too. It was very minimalist and chic.




2. Scarlett Johansson In Versace.

I don’t know if it’s exactly my favorite. I really loved the color. In this photo here, it shows up kind of dark, but in the show it appeared to be more of an emerald green. That’s one of my favorite colors and she was the only one who wore color, that I saw,and I appreciate that. I love the necklace piece. I love a good statement necklace. I think she does look really good. The hair is a little severe for me, but she looks great. She just had a baby too.

Scarlett Johansson


3. Felicity Jones In Alexander McQueen.

I am going to totally contradict myself here. I know I said I wasn’t the hugest fans of ball gowns or neutrals, but I really liked hers and I’m kind of really into grey now. I think she looked absolutely breathtaking. Super dewy and ethereal. She reminds me of an Audrey Hepburn. She looks so classic. I think this look actually could go down in history. The bodice piece is cool, like the shape of it with the straps and the beading. It goes well with the big skirt. It’s good the skirt wasn’t all beaded too because that would be so heavy.

Felicity Jones



Ok, so I got 1-3 here: Funny enough, those were all “worst dress,” but yeah I thought they took fashion risks and disagree with this list. The photos were great though.   http://loopjamaica.com/2015/02/23/latest-jamaica-news-lifestyle-they-wore-what-worst-dressed-at-the-oscars-2015/ 

4. Reese Whitherspoon In Tom Ford.

I couldn’t tell at first if this was powder blue and black or white and black (ha have you heard of that other blue and black or white and gold dress interwebs debate??),but I think this is white and black. I thought she looked so chic and sleek. I love the shape and just how minimalist it is. She looks effortless.




5. J.Lo In Elie Saab.

I know, I’m contradicting myself again. I do really love a good nude tone from time to time. I love her ball gown though. It must be the tulle, beading, and the belt. I know the plunge is kind of a lot, but I think it works on her. She has this juxtaposition of sexy and sweet going on. She kept her makeup very simple and I love,love a pony tail in general, but again, I think it looks super cool for a fancy event. Kind of like how I was talking about bringing something casual and dressing it up. I just think a pony tail at an event like that is effortless.




6. Sienna Miller in Oscar de la Renta.

I actually have really always loved her style. She’s an edge to her and I love how she throws things together in a cool and interesting way. I kind of forgot about her and I think it’s because she was away for a while raising her daughter, but now she is back. I think she looks chic here and I love the bows. I’m not really sure what’s going on on the bottom of the dress because I only saw her sitting down at the Oscars and in this shot it’s kind of hard to see, but I like the form fitting minimalist silhouette. I keep saying minimalist and effortless. I think that’s my favorite kind of look. Oh and a bit of edge or cool factor. Yeah, that’s so me.





7. Cate Blanchett In Maison Martin Margiela.

This was probably my favorite. I think she looks super edgy and cool. I like the shape of the dress and how the edges are a little rough on the sleeves. My favorite part in the necklace though. I’m not sure if the necklace is the same designer or different, but I’m a sucker for tiffany blue and like I said earlier, a statement necklace. I also love wearing black with a pop of color because then the color piece can really be shown off against the black. The necklace really pops. She looks so cool. I want to be her. It reminds me of that time Eva Mendes wore that white dress with the tiffany blue necklace.




8. Laura Dern In Alberta Ferretti And Bulgari Jewelry.

I feel bad, I don’t even know who this is or what else she’s been in. I know she was in Wild. I may have done without the bag and jewelry just because the dress is so much. I may have pulled her hair back too, but I love all the studs and the rocker feel to the dress.



4-8 I got at Instyle.com. I love their fashion coverage.

Ok, so that’s my list! I’m not going to do worst dress because that’s kind of rude and just because I didn’t respond well to a dress, doesn’t mean someone else had the same opinion. The same could be said for my best picks. I actually haven’t watched any of the other award shows this season.  I usually do, but just haven’t had time. That adult life is a lot of work, I tell you. Who were your best dressed? Did I leave anyone out?


I’m going to do another post a little later because I have a few outfits to share with you of my own. My family is nagging at me though because we are going to go out to lunch.


Hey did you see the kate spade for kids line at katespade.com?? They did a little line for Gap and now it looks like they came out with a larger line for their own site. That’s super cool. I’m just waiting for them to do a workout line. They did just do swimwear. They are expanding and expanding. I dig it.


More later!




Stay fabulous!


Spades forever!




Hey, I Promised I’d Catch Up: February 23,2015-December 30,2014 Outfits

Hello,hello Headbandits!

I was going to do an Oscar outfit post since I actually watched. I usually do. I just wasn’t planning on it. I didn’t even know it was on and then we just had it on. I missed the pre-show though because I was at work. I’ll do that soon.

Ok, let’s get those outfits from today Monday February 23, 2015 back in time to Tuesday December 30,2014. I want to stay up to date as best I can.



Mon Feb 23 1015


Yesterday Sunday February 22, 2015:

I liked this look. I felt like a true Gap Girl. The pants and shirt are both Gap. I love the pops of orange and tiffany blue. That’s one of my favorite combinations. Oh, I had to use my Mom’s super old phone because mine was acting up. That’s dedication to style right there.

Sun Feb 22 1015



Saturday February 21,2015:

Sat Feb 21 2015



Ok, now the rest of these start from last week (roughly Feb 15-20, I would guess and the very last one will be Dec 30,2014).







Feb BP #5


Feb BP #7

Dec 30 2014 (2)



Yay! Ok now we are caught up for a moment. It probably won’t last though because I’m a horrible blogger. It’s hard living that adult life.

I’ll try to do another post soon about my favorite Oscar looks.


Spades forever!


Stay fabulous!








Don’t Forget To Write



Oh my word, I am so so so sorry for abandoning you. I can’t believe it’s been a little more than 3 months since I’ve blogged last. Having a full time job and blogging is hard work. For those of you who do that, kudos. I don’t know how you do it. I just get so tired when I get home for work. I can barely get myself in my pajamas.

I hope life has been treating you all well for 2015 and the last part of 2014. I guess we haven’t talked since Thanksgiving. I don’t even remember what I did as it felt so long ago. Oh wait, yes I did. I just had a quiet dinner with my family of four plus my Grandma. My brother does a radio show and he had one that day, so while my Mom was cooking, we all listened to it around the lap top. Ah, just like the good ol’ days…except it was a lap top and not an actual radio. Truth is, you can hear his show on an actual radio. We streamed it online. But that’s beside the point. My brother’s radio show is really cool. He does a lot of old novelty songs and modern ones too. I usually don’t hear it because I’m at work, so it was really fun to hear and see all his hard work. He does one once a week and I’m so proud of him. Then we just ate lots of good food and I had four days off. It was nice to relax. I don’t think I did much Black Friday shopping. I wasn’t much in the mood for it and wanted to avoid the crowds.

Then Christmas time snuck up on me before I knew it. I rarely know what day it is or the date so I was really shocked how fast it came up. That’s the one thing that bothers me about “the holidays.” There isn’t much time in between to enjoy one or the other before the next one shows up. I’m usually not the biggest Christmas fan. I don’t know. It just doesn’t do much for me now that I’m older. But this year was actually a super memorable Christmas. We usually don’t do much because all our family has grown up and moved away. But this year, four out five of my Dad’s sisters came to town and we had a big family celebration at my Grandma’s. My favorite cousins came to town and it was so good seeing them. At the family Christmas party, we did a white elephant gift exchange and had an ugly sweater contest. I have always wanted to go to one but have never gotten invited so I was really excited to participate. I prepared pretty hard core for it. I couldn’t find any ugly sweaters while thrifting because they are so popular this time of year that they are all gone by the time you try to find out. I ended up making one of my own. It will be in the photos below so be sure to look. I ended up finding these cut outs on fabric that were to actually make a sweater. They were like decals you could cut out (pine cones, bows, poinsettias, Christmas birds,etc) and somehow with fusible you can iron them on to make a sweater. I’m not that skilled but I ended up cutting out that stuff or like the instructions or some of the funny sayings and safety pinning them on. It was kind of quirky and funny because I cut out like pictures of the sweater as the finished project or the stuff you’re not technically supposed to use for the sweater, so it was like a sweater within a sweater really. I love when inception transfers to real life. I liked it a lot but I lost. Rude! I guess it wasn’t ugly enough and they didn’t get my concept. It was just a fun time and I really enjoyed Christmas this year. It was cool to hang out with my cousins too. They stayed at a hotel so every night we went back to their hotel and used their hot tub, we played mad amounts of pool and I was amping up my skills quite a bit, we did some thrifting, and just stupid fun stuff. My car broke down a lot with my cousin in there. That was kind of funny but not really but it was still fun. I was having a ton of car troubles at the end of 2014 and that was annoying.

What also made Christmas 2014 memorable is that I bought myself a NEW CAR. I guess I didn’t get it until after January, but it was still like 5 days after Christmas so it was a really cool gift to myself and something I will always remember. I don’t want to say too much about it like the color, year, make, and model because that seems like a good way to get a stalker-haha! But let’s just say, it’s a very nice car and not a used car that is 16 years old like my previous car. It’s just crazy. I never thought I could buy myself a car. I guess that’s hard work for you.

Here are a few other highlights about 2014:

1. I graduated college…finally! It took me about 5 years but I wouldn’t take back any of it.

2. I quit my daycare job of 8 years. It was an end to an era for sure.

3. I saw a lot of cool theater including Broadway’s Wicked (twice-winning 25 dollar tickets one time) and Book Of Mormon (winning third row tickets on my birthday was kind of everything too).

4. Got my first post grad job that I love. I think I’ve mentioned it on here before. I don’t want to say the exact job as to keep some anonymity about myself, but I work in e-commerce for donated goods. If you get my drift, you may know where I work. It’s a fun job and I see a lot of cool items and buy a lot of items there too-haha that gets my in trouble sometimes! Plus I love that I get to do a little writing and take pictures. It’s like blogging and getting paid..which would be cool to be a reality for me someday. I’ve really grown there and met a lot of cool people.

5. I kinda have met somebody. Eeek. That’s all I’m going to say. But it’s exciting.

6. I’ve been paying on those student loans and that feels really good. It’s funny, I’ve paid quite a bit of interest on them and the government actually rewards you when it comes to tax time. Who knew?!?  With my luck, I’ll have them paid of when I’m 31 haha!

7. I think I’ve really been growing and changing. I don’t have a lot of specifics but it’s cool. I know in some of my older posts of 2014, I was having a hard time transitioning from “Miss Haley” and “Student Haley” to what I am now (“Post Grad Haley,” maybe??), but I really love this road I’m on and this path I’m taking. I really love my life right now and feel super blessed for everything I have and all that I’ve worked for. It’s really cool to see hard work pay off and getting to a place in my life that I’ve dreamed of. Making your dreams a reality is kind of everything and it makes me think, that even the crazy stuff I’ve dreamed for, like moving to New York, can happen one day.

I guess 2015 isn’t looking to bad for me. I hope it’s shaping up for you. But if it’s not, remember how hard of time I had the first part of 2014? I would honestly say like the first 6 months were kind of rough and I didn’t know what I was doing. I guess really things started to change for me in August 2014 when I got my first post grad job. Let’s look back and you can read some of my struggles and hard times:

Jan 2014: https://aheadbandaday.wordpress.com/2014/01/24/is-there-a-right-choice/ 

April 2014: https://aheadbandaday.wordpress.com/2014/04/30/what-is-home/ and https://aheadbandaday.wordpress.com/2014/04/17/are-you-ever-really-ready/

May 2014: https://aheadbandaday.wordpress.com/2014/05/30/the-crack-up/ and https://aheadbandaday.wordpress.com/2014/05/06/let-me-let-you-in-on-a-secret/

November 2014: https://aheadbandaday.wordpress.com/2014/11/14/the-crack-up-part-2/

Hey so, if things aren’t going good for you now in 2015, just remember that life is always changing and I really believe that things do get better over time or maybe things get better for you when the timing is right. Or maybe both??

OK! Now that the serious stuff is over, let’s get to the outfits! These aren’t everything as of recent but they should be from about Friday November 14-December 29 2014. I say Friday November 14 because my last blog post, way back when, said the pictures were from up until Thursday November 13. I made these collages On December 29 with the intention of blogging and then never got to them. I’ll try to get the rest of the more recent outfits on here in a few days. Maybe even later today if I’m feeling that motivated. No promises though. Follow me on Insta to see my outfits in “real time.” I try to post there daily. It’s easier.

Most of these clothes are from Target, Gap, Macy’s, maybe Old Navy, some might be vintage, JC Penney, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and a lot are thrifted. Also, I never pay full price for anything.

Oh that last photo is a picture of a “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” record I found while junking. I hopped into this big bucket just to look for it and I found it! It’s probably one of my favorite finds and it works too. Also found a Princess Phone (I’ve wanted one forever), troll, cool sunglasses, and a kate spade sunglass case.

I threw in pictures of my nails too because my friend Paula has been doing them really cool lately. I come up with the ideas and she executes them. She is really good at nails and I’m not. We use Sally Hansen. Most times it’s Full Salon Manicure but some are Hard As Nails. We tried the SH Gel Polish but that stuff is a joke. It doesn’t even last long. The Full Salon stuff lasts way longer.

Dec 2014 1 Dec 2014 2 Dec 2014 3 Dec 2014 4 Dec 2014 5 Dec 2014 6 Dec 2014 7 Dec 2014 8

OK! I think I got everything. Feels good to be semi-caught up.

Did you get anything at the last kate spade 75% off sale?? I think it was just last week. Was there anything good? I actually ended up not even looking which is good for me. I’ve got those student loans to pay, car payment now, and I went out of town last week. I did get a purple kate spade-the little primrose hill one with the bow and long strap- at Nordstrom Rack last week. I should share a picture in the next post.


Stay fabulous!


Spades forever!







The Crack Up: Part 2

Hello,hello headbandits!

I can’t believe it’s already November. Sorry I haven’t blogged for a month. I’ve been busy,busy with work and just too tired to blog at the end of the night. Don’t worry though, I’ve been keeping good record on Instagram, so you can always keep up with me on there. I usually post once a day just so I can keep track of my outfits that way.

Not a lot has been going on my way. I’ve just been working and trying to stay out of trouble. I’ve had a hard couple weeks (long story) and really wasn’t feeling like myself, but now I feel better. Sometimes I wonder what “myself” is. Not to get all heavy off the bat, but so much of myself was being a student and being “Miss Haley” (former daycare job of 8 years) and now I’m not either of those things.  For the first time in 24 years, I’m not in school and I’m at a new job with new people. It’s just all the circumstances of my life are different. At first, it was really exciting for me to have a new job and be around new people because I was just stuck at home for 3 months looking for work. When I was back to work at my new job, I was feeling it and loving it. Not that I don’t love it now, but then the last few weeks I started to be more aware that my life had changed and it made me kind of freak out. It’s like that Colbie Caillat song and she’s like, “I remember a time my balance was fine and I was just walking on one fine wire.” I fell off the wire for the past few weeks. I feel like I’m cracking most days (ala Fitzgerald), so it’s like…who am I now? Tricky, tricky being a post grad. I guess that’s the exciting part of life. I don’t think anyone really knows what they’re doing. It’s all trial and error. I started writing about this in my journal (like actual paper and pencil) a few nights ago. I had been keeping up with it a lot, but I haven’t wrote in it for 4-6 months,sadly. I would love to write a book one day about my life (who wouldn’t??), so I’m keeping track of events in my life. Anyways, as you can see, this essay is really rough and unfinished because I never finished writing about it. I still don’t have an answer. I’m not quite sure I ever will. I think we are always changing and evolving into better versions of ourselves, but as I was flipping through my journal, I had written, “It’s hard to not be who you once were.” So true,so true. Then I also wrote that we are all the different versions of ourselves, like you can’t be who you are today without being who you were yesterday. We are a combination of our different selves, always growing and getting better (one would hope anyways). I’m feeling better though and just going with the changes of life as an exciting time.

Read my original “Crack Up” Post here. That’s why this is part 2.

The crack up I described in this post was definitely as Fitzgerald says, “Of course all life is a process of breaking down, but the blows that do the dramatic side of the work-the big sudden blows that come, or seem to come, from outside-the ones you remember and blame things on and, in moments of weakness, tell your friends about, don’t show their effect all at once. There is another sort of blow that comes from within-that you don’t feel until it’s too late to do anything about it, until you realize with finality that in some regard you will never be as good a man again. The first sort of breakage seems to happen quick-the second kind happens almost without your knowing it but is realized suddenly indeed.”


Something else that is “new” here, I guess you could say, is the warm fall weather we were having finally turned and it’s been in the 30s or below, so I’ve had to bundle up. The air has been really freezing and stings. “Cuts like a knife” one might call the air. I hope we don’t get snow soon, but it happens here in the PNW. One night last week, I saw flurries outside but it didn’t stick. I also can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving. What is it like in two weeks?? Insane. Christmas will be here before you know it.

Ok, now back to the fun stuff! Let’s see what I’ve been wearing lately. The last outfit I posted on the blog was Tuesday October 14, so I’m pretty sure these outfits are from Wednesday October 15-Yesterday Thursday Novemeber 13. For some reason the dates are a day a head when I post my blog, but I can assure you today is Friday November 14. Today’s my day off, so I’m just, as Fresh Prince says it, “Chilling Out, Maxing, Relaxing All Cool.” Usually Fridays, I just stay home in my pjs all day and chill.

I don’t think I’m going to say where everything is from because that will take a while. Remember, I shop mostly at thrift stores, Gap, Target, Macy’s, JC Penney, Old Navy, or T.J.Maxx/Marshalls. Plus my kate spade.

These outfits go backwards in time with the first bigger photo of me being last night and so forth. It’s time for winter coats, scarfs, and hats again. I love a good hat, coat, and scarf though so I’m fine with it.

I’ve loved all these outfits, except the yellow and green one didn’t turn out. It was too much green. I took the leggings off after work and it looked better with bare legs. I work with mostly all guys, and I knew this would happen, but I got asked if I was an Oregon Ducks fan or a Green Bay Packers fan. I was trying to mix green and yellow like I saw on Pinterest, but it didn’t go so well. I’ll have to think of a better combo. Also, that chambray painter’s shirt has little white polkadots all over it, but it’s kind of hard to see when it’s small. SO cute. I have a love/hate relationship with chambray. I didn’t think I looked that good in it. I had another chambray  shirt a while ago in that same light jean color, but I got rid of it. I want it back though now because I think I look better in the light chambray as proven by this chambray smock. That’s why I never get rid of things! I always want them back. That is def on my “thrift list.” The one where I’m dressed as Minnie Mouse was for Halloween at work. There was a contest. I mixed it with my Dorothy heels and I kept getting, “There’s No Place Like Home” jokes. I didn’t win the contest, but I made our employee newsletter for the outfit. Score! Oh and the one of me next to the Dior model, I was trying to recreate her look. I loved that Dior dress ever since I saw Jennifer Lawrence wearing it in Marie Claire and wanted to do a “real girl” take on it. It’s pretty good, but I have another green dress that will work better with it. I’ll try it again.


IMG_20141113_211719 picmix-47.151 picmix-01.364 picmix-12.505 picmix-42.508

Anyways, I think that’s about it. I’ve been trying to get rid of all the pictures on my computer/phone,but I don’t even know what people do with them anymore. I had some on a thumb drive from when my computer was fixed so I just erased over 1,500 on my computer. The rest, I guess I will put on Drop Box. It’s weird these days because in this digital world we don’t really print hard copies anymore.

OH! Did you get anything in the kate spade 75% off sale last week?? I did!! I haven’t taken photos of it yet, but I will soon. I got the Highland Place Medium Maria Crossbody Shoulder Bag in black. So excited! I don’t really have a black kate spade (except that big black tote), so this was long over due.

Did your town get the kate spade and jack spade for Gap kids?? Mine didn’t and I’m kind of miffed about that. Good thing online shopping is easy these days.

Snaps for you if you made it this far! If I don’t blog for a while, I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving.


Stay fabulous!


Spades forever!