Holi-Don’t?!? My bad luck around Holidays or Milestone Moments in Life.

By: Haley Lewis

Hello, hello my headbandits!

I hope you all are having a lovely 4th of July. Mine didn’t really go as planned. Maybe you had better luck today.

Our plans crumbled between our hands literally the very last minute. A bit of a story, ha. I was feeling pretty disappointed initially, but oh well, such is 2020! We, meaning myself, my mom, and brother, still had a yummy indoor bbq consisting of cheeseburgers, hot dogs, bbq flavored kettle chips, and this Asian ramen salad my mom made. We also had these raspberry tart-like-almost short bread cookies from Costco. They are a good sized cookie and so yummy; it was my first time having them.

We were going to go to the “drive in” fireworks, I think that is what they are calling them this year because of Covid, but we were feeling tired. My mom just had one hand/wrist surgery this past Tuesday to help fix her carpal tunnel and I’m not sure about me haha! I sometimes always feel tired, even though I get 8 hours or more of sleep. But the fireworks were only going to be 6 minutes long this year, so I decided to go home and be with my rabbits in case people would shoot fireworks off illegally and scare them. Well, it is illegal where I live anyways.

But anyways, today was making me think, I always have bad luck on holidays. Last year on the 4th of July, we were visiting my Grandma on the west side of the state we live in. She lives in a rest home type place. We had a great visit and everything, but since we were from out of town and mostly with my grandma, we didn’t watch fireworks in person. We watched them on TV.  Derrick from DWTS (just spaced his last name) and Ciara hosted last year and wow, I do not know what happened to her voice, but she does not sound good live. Watching fireworks on TV, does not have the same effect for me as they do in person.

The 4th of July in 2018 was pretty good. We did get to watch fireworks in person, but it was the first 4th without my dad, so that was weird too. Then the 4th of July in 2017, I was supposed to go see fireworks with the dude I was dating at the time and then, of course, he flaked out last minute, so I ended up watching them from my dad’s hospital room, which was actually a great view since the hospital he was in was right downtown (but was such a odd juxtaposition because my dad was really sick at the time with pancreatic cancer), so that 4th of July was kind of a bummer.

I do not have bad luck only around the 4th of July. It follows me to different holidays too. Let’s see, most recently, this last November in 2019, my ex-boyfriend broke up with me a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving. I mean, it could have been worse haha! It wasn’t on Thanksgiving, luckily. But it made me sad because I was looking forward to spending the holiday season, like through Christmas and New Years, as part of a couple. It was a definite disappointment at the time.

Another year on Thanksgiving, in 2016 I believe it was, my rabbit Ruthy was very sick. I didn’t realize it at first because I was a new rabbit owner. I had only had her for 9 months at that time. Rabbits have very sensitive stomachs and GI tracts like if not caught in time it can cause death. I had accidentally been feeding my baby Ruth too many pellets without realizing it. Anyways, by the time I realized I needed to take her into the vet, it was like 5 pm on Thanksgiving night and of course I didn’t have a vet for her at the time. Then of course, it was so hard finding her one, which I did not expect, because in the vet community she is considered an “exotic” which basically means like not every vet knows how to deal with rabbits. It totally baffled me because, in my mind, a rabbit is kind of a farm animal and pretty basic animal, but nope. Apparently not all vets know how to take care of them or learn that kind of skill in vet school, so it was a whole ordeal of calling around and then even finding some place open last minute because it was about to be a holiday weekend. It was so stressful. I finally found a place after like 1.5 hours in of calling, but it was the worst luck to have had happened on a holiday! Oh and my Ruthy lived and got healthy again. I learned how to feed her properly and the warning signs to watch out for if she got sick again.

My dad died two days before my birthday in 2017. That was pretty bad luck if you ask me. I was turning my favorite number too, 27. Since it was my favorite number, I thought I was going to have the “best year ever.”  It was not how I expected to start off that year and it was not my best year ever, as you could have guessed. It was also weird because my grandpa (my dad’s dad) had died when my dad was 27 too, so it was eerie some of the same things that happened to my dad that happened to me. Like I was literally in my dad’s shoes at the same age he was. I never thought my dad would die so young at 55, but that is a whole other story!

What else?? Oh, one year, it was before Thanksgiving too. I think I was in my early 20s. I had 6 cavities at once. I used to eat a lot of sour patch kids candy haha!, but I brushed my teeth all the time too so it was weird. So I had to get these cavities drilled and I didn’t have time (or so I thought) to split it into 2 appointments. This was back when I went to college full time, worked a part time job, had lots of homework, and everything else in between. So, I was like, just drill these all at once; ain’t nobody got time for that. But I didn’t realize how long 6 cavities actually takes to drill. It took 3 hours and they never did any breaks, so my mouth was stretched wide open for that long. Looking back, they should have had me take breaks, but it totally screwed up my jaw for years after!! It was absolutely terrible. I had this done a couple days before Thanksgiving oddly enough and, yeah, I want to say the night before Thanksgiving, which is one of my FAVORITE holidays, I experienced the worst pain in my jaw that would radiate like up to my head area. I could not sleep and it was like this whole thing. I went to the ER and I don’t think they could prescribe me anything at the time or they may have prescribed me hydrocodone, but I can’t remember now. It was funny because the ER doctor told me, “I had the nicest teeth he’s seen come through here.” Like I guess he meant, he’s seen some rough people who don’t have all their teeth. They told me they thought I had trigeminal neuralgia which is basically excruciating jaw pain.  So I had to call my dentist last minute the next day on like the emergency line and wait for him to call me back, I was exhausted from not sleeping, and then I was worried I couldn’t even eat the good food, so it was this whole thing all because I had decided to get 6 cavities drilled at once. I think I was feeling a little better last minute, after getting the right medicine or it just randomly stopped hurting, and was able to eat a little. But this issue effected my jaw, like I said, for years after. I’m so lucky it hasn’t flared up in a good 4 years, maybe its been. But yeah, then I know it did flare up randomly on another holiday, it was either Memorial Day or another 4th of July, because I remember wearing a stars and stripes kind of shirt. But yeah, it was a bad flare up. Ibuprofen didn’t work or the hydrocodone. I didn’t sleep at all that night. We went to urgent care the next day, but they couldn’t even prescribe me anything, so I can’t remember what all happened or what pain medicine helped. I do remember one year they gave me some sleeping pills and that just like helped me sleep through the pain, I guess. I am really lucky, I have not had these issues since about 2014 though! I can’t even describe how painful it was.

Also, I remember on the day I was graduating from high school and like getting ready to take pictures with my family, we got a knock on the front door and it was a religious group like wanting to talk to us about their religion. I was in my graduation gown and everything. I was like, um we don’t really have time to talk right now, sorry. Awkward haha!

One last thing that happened recently, not really around a holiday per se, but it was around like a milestone in my life. I had recently paid off my car in early October 2019 and then literally the next day, or it might have been a week later, I get into this minor fender bender, or what I thought was minor. No one was hurt, it hardly looked like my front end had any damage, and my car was driving normally too. Well basically all the damage ended up being internally, so they totaled my car! I was devastated. I had just paid off this car and this happened! It was still in great shape and only had about 76,000 miles on it. Womp, womp. I loved that car so much. It was a black 2013 Mazda3. It was my first real nice car. I am thankful I was ok, but so bummed. I was not ready to give up that car! It was my first car accident too. Like what, how does that even happen?!?

So yeah, I have some bad luck around holidays or special moments. I don’t know if it means anything or it is just life throwing me a curve ball. It makes me laugh looking back at some of those times though.  Some were straight up rough though.

Let’s hope the next 4th of July is better! I feel like collectively it is probably a little different for everyone this year because of Covid, so I just kind of shrugged today’s last minute pitfalls off after remembering I’m still healthy and so is my family. It could have been a lot worse.

Thanks for reading!



The Hustle is Real

Hello, hello headbandits!

I’m sorry it’s been over a year since I have written on my blog last. I tried to write some posts last week and then wasn’t happy with how they turned out, so they are saved to my drafts. I tried making a video explaining where I’ve been/what I’ve been up too, but haven’t posted that yet either. Re-reading/watching what I created, they all felt too personal and I am a sharing kind of person so it surprised me.

Since writing on my blog last:

  • I’ve loved (or thought it was love) and lost (err, he lost and choose to leave)
  • I’ve expanded my bunny family to 3 (I don’t even know if I mentioned I had 1 in the first place on my blog haha!)
  • I’ve moved on from friendships that no longer feed my soul or are good for my health; cutting ties with those people has brought me the most peace I’ve felt in a while
  • I left my job of 5 years because I no longer wanted to feel stuck or tied to a job that brought me unhappiness
  • I applied for 2 Master’s Programs and got into both (one was Master of Fine Arts and the other was Masters of Business Administration). I struggled really hard, like not being able to sleep kind of struggle, for a couple months about what to do and then decided for now, I will decline both.
  • I’ve mostly been unemployed off and on since February 2020, but I feel so fortunate to have my health (mentally and physically) and have been able to make all of my bills  myself. I do have a part time job (super part time), but it is a good one!
  • I turned my hair back to brown, my natural color, Well, the hairstylist did.  I don’t even think it is documented on here that I was blonde for two years (since 2018-sorry about that). I feel a lot more like myself again
  • I felt super lost for a while (like what am I doing? where am I going in life? what direction should I go? what is life? what is my purpose?) and was having a hard time committing to almost everything! I felt scared, I felt depressed some days and didn’t want to get out of bed, I thought this feeling would last forever but they seem to be looking up


The one thing I am proud of this year, so far, is that I’ve always chosen MYSELF.  This year, I’ve really been focused on living intentionally, whether I knew it or not. I have chosen what is best for me and put my mental health first. I haven’t written much about this on the blog yet, but I’ve struggled with some mental health issues off and on since 2016, I am in a great and healthy place now, but having a strong mental health is super important to me and if something tries to attack my mental health, I will do whatever it takes to block that attack, if you will, as I’ve seen some dark places and never want to return to that. So, I let some friendships go that no longer served me, I left my job where I was no longer happy, I’ve worked on myself.

I’ve really struggled with what I want to do for work right now in this season of life (like since January 2020) and I’ve always dreamed of being a writer, so I was really sort of going hard at it and getting back into it to see if I can make that happen while I had some extra time on my hands. I’ve done the work (meetings with career counselors at my former college, shadowing a couple weeks at the lit mag program at my former college, talking to lots of people in grad school, things like that). I’ve done a lot of job interviews lately. I almost thought I didn’t even like writing much anymore and was going to give up on my writing dreams, but the universe is a trickster, I guess I would say, and it’s incredible how quickly I can get pulled back into writing and just create things that I feel so passionate about and feel inspired by.

I am not giving up on myself and I think that is what I am most proud about myself right now because in the past I would chose other people’s feelings over my own. Yes, I haven’t been working full time like I normally do, but I haven’t just been sitting around doing nothing either. I’m learning, I’m researching, I’m picking people’s brains. I’m growing!  The growing pains are real, but have been so worth it for me. I think taking these steps to better myself is something to be proud of and my dad always had this tenacious spirit and I believe I inherited it from him. Times are tough, but whatever in my past (the relationship, the friendship, the job) isn’t meant to be for me anymore and whatever is, will hopefully come soon! I’m trusting the universe and my hard work hustle.


I hope you are well and don’t forget to be kind to others and yourself!!


Spades forever! xoxo,



In Regards to the Spokesman-Review Paul Turner’s “How Differently is a Spokane Childhood” Column

By: Haley R Lewis


I was inspired by Paul Turner’s Sunday February 3rd column in the Spokesman Review about a Spokane childhood.

I was born here in Spokane.  Had a stint in Kennewick from age 2 to 6. Then back to the good ol’ 509 when I was 7 and I’ve lived here ever since. I’m now 28. After all these factors, I would consider myself a Spokane Native.


Growing up in Spokane for me was idyllic. Warm summers, snowy winters (when I liked snow and didn’t consider it a nightmare). There is a sense of community of going through grade school and middle school with most the same people. I went to Sunrise Elementary and Evergreen Middle School. Sunrise was great; it felt very homey and inviting, like a warm hug. Middle school was short, but probably one of my favorite times. I loved the care freeness and ease of it.  I guess if someone moved around a lot as a kid they wouldn’t have that sense of community and I imagine that would have been hard.  I sometimes wonder what it would have been like to start over in a new school in a new city every few years as a child.


Then I went to CV for high school and I had overall a good experience, but the stakes felt higher for sure and more pressing, to me, because college was on the horizon. CV is huge too. My graduating class had over 400 kids. I lost touch with many people from my elementary and middle school days just because everyone was so spread out all over the place, so I kind of missed the community I felt in my younger years. Looking back, I’ve always wondered what it would have been like to go to a smaller high school. To actually know everyone in my graduating class.


I would say what sets us apart from other cities is we hardly have any snow days! My first one was in 2008 and I was in community college here at The Falls. You know that big snow storm where the berms were as tall as some buildings? Spokane is prepared when it comes to snow, although the timing of clearing the streets may not be ideal for some areas (read: slow as hell), so everyone knows it has to be a TON of snow for the schools to close. We’re not ill prepared like Seattle, but I mean they rarely get snow so I’ll give them a pass.  I always wondered what it would be like to have a snow day as an elementary schooler. You always dream of those days where you get a legit reason to not go to school. It was pretty awesome though to have one as a college student, I will say that. Sometimes you just don’t want to adult.

Also, let’s talk about some of Spokane’s most recognizable things/hot spots. I never really played on the iconic red wagon downtown as a child! I can maybe recall trying it once, but otherwise it was always annoyingly crowded and seemed more for tourists. I wonder if other Spokane natives have a same experience or did you play on the red wagon?  What about the garbage goat? I think I’ve fed him maybe once and I was in my 20s, but never as a child. Do other Spokane children actually feed the goat? For fun? In addition, I should mention that I only have rode the gondolas twice in my memory. Once when I first moved here and once in my early 20s for the fun of it. It was more terrifying as an adult. Imagine being in open glass above raging water; you do the math. I was scared out of my mind.


Do you do Bloomsday? Quite a few Spokanites are diehard Bloomies and that makes us unique as they don’t have that run anywhere else.  The color of the shirt every year is definitely buzzworthy.  I never did Bloosmday as a young kid, but I did it once or twice in high school. Both years I got boring colors of shirts: heather grey and burnt orange. Then of course the next year I don’t do it, they bring out an interesting color of shirt: lime green. At any rate, growing up and still to this day I get excited to see what color the Bloomsday shirt will be every year and the design of it.


What is growing up in Spokane like to you?!?

Remembering the Dazzling kate spade

Hello, hello my headbandits and new readers!!

I’m sorry I am SO behind.  I’ve been meaning to update my blog for a while now, but have been busy or  not had enough energy.  I was also very sick from about middle of January-most of March, so I don’t remember much of the beginning of the year.  It was kind of a blur…more on that later though (which I do want to share about what happened).

Also,welcome new readers and likes!! Because of all you, I have 100 likes now.  I don’t know what brought you to my little blog, but thank you for reading and staying with me even though I haven’t posted in forever.  That means a lot to me! If you would like, I’m curious how you found me, drop me a comment and I would love to connect with you!!  I try to do tags and share on a lot of social media (twitter, my personal facebook, Google+, etc).

So by now the Met Gala has passed, The Royal Wedding, and now just yesterday this very tragic news broke of kate spade’s passing.  I originally heard the news around 930 am PT from a co-worker; it came to her phone on a news breif.  She told me immediately as she knows how much I love kate spade.  A lot of friends reached out to me actually because of that same reason.  I was shocked to say the least.  It’s always surprising to hear of someone’s death especially someone in the public eye.  She was 55…to me that’s still young.

I really was reflecting and thinking about her and the brand she created before posting this.  I’m a big kate spade fan.  If you know me even a tiny bit or have followed this blog for a while, you know I’m obsessed with the brand.  I can’t really afford her clothes, but basically all my purses are kate spade.  I used to have a few of her dresses and they were so much fun, but then I gained some weight and sold them. 😦

I first became aware of the brand around late 2007, I wanna say.  I was visiting my Grandma over on the West side (near Seattle) and there is this huge outlet mall that we always stop in before seeing her.  It has so many stores that we don’t have in Spokane.  I can’t remember all the exact details of what happened, as my memories are a little fuzzy (it was about 11 years ago), but I can surmise what happened.  I was walking around and stopped in my tracks at the outside of the kate spade outlet store with all its colors, fun, and prints; they probably had some kind of whimsical window display that drew me inside.  I do remember, vaguely, walking around the store in awe of all said colors and prints.  I do remember seeing so many colorful purses that my jaw dropped in admiration and wonder.  I had never seen anything like that before.  It made my heart happy and I fell in love from the get-go.

I remember picking up a Jackie Kennedy Pink purse, although the shape I don’t recall, and I loved the quality, shape, and color.  I put it back at the time, didn’t have the money, but I never forgot it.  That whole experience stayed in my mind.  The store felt and looked like Candy Land…so colorful and bright.  I got on their mailing list shortly after and followed the brand closely. I got my first spade a few months after that on her 75% off sale….ahh I love those and that’s where I’ve procured a handful of them from.  That or the spade outlet.  It’s a coral-red leather shoulder bag with a bow and the inside lining is white with black polka dots…so good.

I feel embarrassed to say this, being such a huge fan of the kate spade brand and all, but I don’t know much about kate as a person.  I know she started her brand with her college sweet heart & husband Andy Spade (brother of actor/comedian David Spade), they started it in their one bedroom apartment, and it started with six classic designs of handbags.  I need to do some research because the only knowledge I have of the original purses are the black nylon ones.  Did she start with leather too?? I don’t know, but I got to research it.   If you have one of her older designs, show us a photo!!  I see those fakes all the time though of hers with the colorful prints, modeled after her earlier days I assume.

But she sold her company and her shares in 2006; I became into it 2007, so maybe that’s why I don’t know much about her.  I pretty much am familiar with Deborah Lloyd , who took the reigns shortly after as creative director. I want to say 2008-ish??  I’m out of the loop though apparently because I just found out that Lloyd stepped down as creative director this past December 2017. Ahh!!! I really liked her and how she expanded the brand into athletic wear, furniture, baby wear, and more…I think they need to do pet stuff next.  If you know me, you know I have my sassy rabbit Ruthy and I would be all over the kate spade pet line.   The company got bought out from Coach around December 2017 too, so I’m not sure what is happening now.

Anyways, so when kate sold her company, I’m not sure what went down.  I assume kate spade started her brand with all the color and whimsy.  I just read here she was inspired by her mom’s colorful purses growing up, which I didn’t know, but I knew she wanted a purse that was functional as well as sophisticated.  This is a cool article The New York Times wrote in 1999 about kate spade.  I wish it had photos though, but it gives some information on how they first started up.

Remember when she was referenced in  season 3 of Sex And The City?? Episode 38: “The Big Time.”  It was early 2000; once you are referenced on that show, you pretty much have made it.

Charlotte: Do you have another?
Carrie: Ladies, I am not Tampax central. Put on list: buy tampons.
Charlotte: Well, I have them at home but they won’t fit in my Kate Spade purse.
Miranda: Wow. Kate must have a tiny vagina.

Ha! So funny.  Her purses are bigger now.

I don’t know it it was written in the contract to keep the origins of the brand (fun, color, whimsy, prints), but I’m glad they have stuck to it.  The kate spade brand (I always do it lower case because they do; I think it’s some e.e. cummings type thing) has forever inspired me and fueled my love of fashion.  I owe a lot to her.  She reminds me to be daring, unique/stay true to who I am, be colorful, and have fun with fashion. She really created so much in her life time and I bow down to her creativeness. Like my words really seem not equipped to say how much I adore her brand kate spade she created. She also created the line Frances Valentine, in 2016, named after her daughter.  It was their new venture of shoes and handbags; I’m not sure what is in store for that company now with her sudden passing.

I’m very heart broken to what happened to her, especially for her 13 year old daughter.  I don’t know what happened, but it is gut wrenching.  Her legacy will go on and I hope with the new owners (Tapestry formally Coach), they will keep true to her original concepts of color, whimsy, sophisticated, and functionality.

kate spade…you will be missed, but never forgotten!!

I do have the tattoo though behind my ear…hehe.  Got in 3 years ago.  That’s how much I love and believe in the brand.

Also, a few years ago, my former work  bestie made up this motto: “spades forever!”  And that’s how I sign each and every blog post.  I also have it in scrabble letters on my mantel.

kate spade orig store

KATE SPADE AT HER STORE IN BOSTON JUNE 25, 1999. WENDY MAEDA/THE BOSTON GLOBE VIA GETTY IMAGES Definitely looked to have started with color. Her pink dress is so much fun!

kate spade quote_ dress up

One of my favorite quotes and agree 100% . Clothes are so much fun!

spade decor mantel

Spades forever!! Above my mantel in my living room.

spade mag pic

Some of her earlier ads that I love. 

spade purses shelf

My main purse shelf.  I count 9 spades…can you find them all??? I have more though not on this shelf.  The spade life is real. 

spade tat

My adorable spade tat!!



Hugs to all you spade fans out there and especially to the Spade family!


Thanks for reading.


Spades forever!!







Coeur D’Alene, Idaho First Mac & Cheese Festival Review

Hello, hello headbandits!

How was your weekend?? I didn’t do much Friday, my first day off. I’m in a weird mood lately.  I guess it’s the cold weather and the dying down  after the holidays.  It’s like a weird in between time.  Not much going on, it’s dark and cold most the time, you can’t go outside too much, high expectations for starting the new year off right linger in the back of your mind.  I don’t think I’m much a fan of January.   I am going through my closet, so I got rid of 3 or 4 trash bags so far on Friday.  I just have way too much.  It’s borderline glutenous. I needed to do that purge and get rid of stuff.  I really would love to get rid of at least half my closet.  It’s going to be hard because I do have a ton. More on that later! I just want to live minimalist and not be bogged down by stuff.

Anyways, Saturday I did get to do something pretty cool in CD’A. That’s in Idaho if you are not from the PNW about 30 minutes from Spokane.  It was their first ever mac & cheese festival hosted and invented by the Coeur d’Alene Downtown Association.  I heard about it a few month’s ago on facebook and wanted to check it out because a. I love food, b. I love mac and cheese type food, and c. I love CD’A.

Here’s how it was set up: four brewery’s and 14 restaurateurs participated.  It was held inside the Shops across from the CD’A resort.  For $15 you got six tickets basically six samples of mac and cheese in four oz containers.  Or for $25 you could get the six tickets for mac and the six tickets for six oz beer (if you were 21 or over of course). You got to use and take home a mac and cheese festival glass cup if you did the beers.  I didn’t do the beer part because I don’t like beer personally; I think it tastes gross.

The Golden Noodle trophy is what was at steak.  Basically a golden yellow  piece of elbow pasta macaroni trophy.  There were about five or six judges too, so they did the judges choice and the people’s choice.  They gave the people a green color piece of bow tie pasta to drop in a glass jar at their favorite piece.  I guess they would have had to count them all after. That would have taken forever.   For   some reason I didn’t get one,but I know others who did the beer too got one.  I wanted to vote and have a say!  That would be weird to only give them out to people who got the beer and might make the results skewed like if they were drinking too much and maybe not thinking as clearly. There was also a Mac Queen.  I don’t know who she was, I’m assuming the the Cd’A downtown association, or what her qualifications were.  She wore a bright yellow fitted dress with uncooked noodles adorning her collar.  I did talk to her a quick second and she said the dress took forever to make.  I think it would have been cooler to glue the pasta all over the dress, but that would have taken even longer.  She forgot her pasta crown.  I totally would have rocked one.



Mac Queen in her yellow dress with noodle adorn collar



What I should have done, like my friends sister in-law did,  was collect all the samples and try them all at the same time.  I was already hungry though when I got there, so I ate them as I collected them except for the last two.  I’m not good at savoring food.  Also, it was really super packed, so I didn’t want to carry around a plate pull of food and like have to dance and elbow people.


Let’s get right into the macaroni.  These are the samples I tried, in no particular order.

  1. Rustic : Mac Bread Bowls

To me they were more like bread balls since they were so small and there was no opening at the top.  Inside was classic mac and cheese. No frills just cheese pretty much and noodles.  But the fact that the macaroni was breaded added a layer of innovation. So if Rustic really served these, I’m not sure if they would make them larger or what.  The small size would be good as an appetizer dipped in marinara, ranch, or your favorite dressing.  Most places don’t have these items on their menu; they just created them for the event.    Fast line from what I remember.   I give it a four out of five because the bottoms were hard and hurt my teeth, but I did like that they were bite sized and they tasted yummy.


  1. Cedars: Southwestern Mac

This was my favorite one. It had black beans, corn, tortilla chips, and I think sour cream. Mine didn’t have much sour cream and I’m glad because I don’t like it. I thought it had like mozzarella cheese in it, but I could be wrong. I’m a sucker for anything southwestern; I love the soup and the salads, so this southwestern mac was right up my alley.  I overheard another person comment to them that it wasn’t on their regular menu and if they would add it.  The chef said if it did well at the event they would think about adding it.  I’m going to be calling them soon to see if that is happening!  I want more of it.   Not much of a line, which was nice.  I thought it was worth waiting longer though. It was that good to me! I give it a five out of five.  Loved the flavor and ingredients.


  1. Taphouse Unchained: Deep fried Mac & Cheese Balls

It’s almost like a mozzarella stick but in ball form and macaroni inside. I loved it.  They had a bit of marinara sauce on the outside and some kind of spicy tangy white sauce. I’m not sure I liked the white sauce as it was too spicy for me, but the rest was so tasty.  They were very popular and had at least a five to seve wait time.  Definitely the most popular.  I give it a four out of five.  The white sauce was too spicy for me, but they did taste good.


  1. CDA Resort Banquets: Sloppy Mac & Cheese

Kind of like a sloppy joe, I think is what they were going for.  It had some ground beef, red sauce, basically the typical sloppy joe mix.  Me and E mainly picked it because it was close, the line was short, and we know the CDA resort is known for their high quality food.  They had good presentation; put a tiny slice of French bread in it and gold fish crackers on top, but at the same time I don’t know if they needed it because the even was really all about the macaroni.  I did enjoy the bread though on the flip side, but I didn’t like the gold fish crackers on top.  I was disappointed with their macaroni.  It was bland and I couldn’t taste the sloppy joe flavor.  I thought there’s would be more flavorful.  I give it a two out of five and mainly because of presentation.  Otherwise I’d probably say one out of five.

5. Mangia Catering Co: Mexican Mac & Cheese

I think it had Chorizo on top. I thought it was bread crumbs, but it was basically just tiny bits of ground beef and either cilantro or green onion.  I don’t remember it being too flavorful, but I remember liking it.  I probably would say three out of five just because it was kind of mediocre; I wasn’t super wowed.

6.  Paragon Brewing: Duck Bacon Mac & Cheese with Cougar Gold

I love Cougar Gold cheese, so that’s what drew me in.  It is the best tasting cheese besides my beloved Gorgonzola.  I never have had duck or duck bacon (who knew that was a thing?!?), so I decided to try it.  Unfortunately, by this time I was too full to give a fair score.  It surprised me too because I was thinking I was not going to get enough to eat.  But a lot of the mac’s were rich and all together are filling.  I did try a piece of the duck bacon, but it tasted more bitter to me.  I couldn’t taste the cougar gold either.  I didn’t like the taste of it, but I’m kind of a picky eater.  I think this was one that was innovative, but it wasn’t for me. I’d say three out of five.

You could buy extra tickets if you wanted too.  I almost did get another Southwestern mac, but I was too full.

Overall, I really liked the event and it was fun.  It had way more people than I thought.  I guess they sold out like the night before.  That was the only draw back.  I think next year they need a bigger venue.  I got really hot too because there was so many people.  Luckily, I didn’t really wear a coat that day because it was surprisingly warm (46 degrees I loved it), so it worked out for me.  I also heard   they ran out of macaroni at the end of the day like around 3.  We were there around 1 ish I think, so we had plenty.

After, we walked around some of the shops outside. They have such a charming downtown and well taken care of.  E got me ice cream at the cute ice cream shop, and I got some taffy there too (cotton candy; my favorite, orange cream, bubble gum, and cupcake), then I showed them the giant cast iron metal rabbi sculpture Harvey.  I discovered him a few weeks ago. I love him; he’s the coolest.  I was happy it was 46 degrees out; so warm it felt like spring.  Great day!!


I will try to do at least one more post this week…here’s hoping!  Thanks for reading.


Spades forever!


Stay fabulous!






Golden Globes 2018 Best Dressed: Fashion Black Out

Hello, hello headbandits!

So I did do a post a few days ago about the 2018 Globes, if you read it, but I was  playing around practicing different writing styles and took a more journalistic approach.  I liked it, but I only covered the fashion a little in the end. It was more about the TIME’S UP movement which was the focus of this year’s awards and why all the ladies decided to wear black.

I know I am a little behind, but I like to say every year for each award show who I think my best dressed are.  Award season is one of my favorite times of the year.  It beats the winter blues that’s for sure. Instead of dreary snow (if you live in the PNW that is), I get to focus on an array of bright colorful dresses. It’s fun to see all the high fashion looks and honestly to me they are works of art. My mouth drops when I see them.

But first let’s talk about some things I noticed.

Okay, of course the dress-pants hybrid was a big trend of the night.  I shared most of them in my previous post (linked above).  I love it. I think it’s so cool, hip, edgy, and fashion forward.  I’d say Emma Watson started the trend in 2014 with her backless red Dior gown and the black cigarette pants. Ever since then we’ve seen it in on the red carpet reimagined.  Remember Lady Gaga at the 2016 Oscars wearing her white strapless dress over trouser pants by Brandon Maxwell.  This year 2018 Globes we saw at least 5 or more pants-dress looks.  I can’t help but wonder if it was intentional.  Pants have a masculine and powerful connotation.  I’m wondering if the ladies chose to wear them on purpose to challenge typical women dress standards especially with the theme of the night.

However,  “Glow” star Alison Brie did do it on purpose and said, “Tonight is about women wearing the pants so I chose to literally wear the pants.”  I started watching Glow a few months ago. I only saw a few episodes, but I plan on finishing it.  I really liked it and I didn’t think I would because it’s about women wrestling, but it’s actually about more than that.  I saw a very strong, independent woman in Brie’s character and I am drawn to characters like that. I also thought it was super funny especially the director character.

Another big trend was mixing textures to stand out. I don’t think there was a bad dress of the night.  Some ladies wanted to stand out by wearing velvet,sequins, lace, tulle, or adding a little bit of color around the middle (think Mandy Moore).   I think it was smart to do and it added more to just a plain black dress.   We also saw a lot of different silhouettes which was refreshing and made each lady stand out.



I don’t typically like black personally as I wear a ton of color, but I like the cause and message behind the black. I think what these woman have started is monumental and really important.  Sexual harassment and abuse is never okay in the workplace or anywhere. I’m glad woman are using their voice and standing up now.  I think we are going to see a domino effect across all industries, not just acting, and I hope this new movement really combats the issue.

Let’s get down to to my top 5 best dressed list:

1.Alison Brie in Vassilis Zoulias.

I just love it. I think it’s so modern and fresh.  I think we are going to see a lot from her in acting and fashion coming up. She’s one to watch.  I just found out that she is married to Dave Franco; I love Dave Franco.  I love the sweetheart strapless ballgown; it’s very sweet and feminine, but the slim pants dress it down and edge it up. Like I said above, it’s my favorite red carpet trend. She’s looks great.


2. Alessandra Mastronardi in Chanel.

I’m a sucker for Chanel.  I love the tea length as I think it’s more fun than full length.  I love how she is mixing feathers, sheer, and sequins.  She stood out to me, although I think her shoes would have been better if they were like open and thin strappy.


3. Zuri Hall.  I can’t find the designer. Probably because she is a TV personality they didn’t find it important to ask her, but I do!

I love her hair, the ruffles, of course the polka dots, and the sheerness.  I think she mixed textures well and stood out.  Very chic.


4. Eva Longoria in Genny.  I love sleek long sleeve dresses.  Her hair is simple but effortless.  She has the deep V and the V opening at the front, but it looks great.  And she’s pregnant too. She looks fierce.

NBC's "75th Annual Golden Globe Awards" - Arrivals

5. I loved Rita Wilson’s firework dress (unknown designer; I can’t find it anywhere).  She’s pretty much the only one who added a pop of color and I love me some color.  I love how minimalist it is and how sleek she looks with the long sleeves.



That’s my top 5. Who were yours?? Let me know in the comments!

The SAG (Screen Actors Guild) will be in 2 weeks January 21st.  Can’t wait to see who wore what there. I’m going to try to do a few more posts in between that time.


Thanks for reading!


Spades forever!

Stay fabulous!







Photos from Elle, Harpers Bazaar, and/or stock photos.  All credit goes to original source/photographer.

75th Golden Globes 2018 Used TIME’S UP Fashion Black Out As a Political Statement

By: Haley Lewis


The 75th Golden Globe Awards was a year of change.  Instead of a kaleidoscope of vibrant dresses across the red carpet, all but 3 women donned black.  This year it was about more than the expensive dresses the woman were wearing.  It was about bringing awareness and standing in solidarity for women who have experienced sexual harassment and assault in the workplace backed by the new movement TIME’S UP Legal Defense fund. 

TIME’S UP came about from the out pour of sexual assault allegations stemming from Harvey Weinstein, to Matt Lauer, and to all the women across the board saying #metoo of their sexual assault experiences.  Their GoFundMe page went live just over a month ago, December 20, 2017, and their open letter was written December 21, 2017, but it was only published in the New York Times January 1, 2018.  It is signed by 300 women in the industry: actresses, writers, agents, directors, producers,  and executives.  Spearheaded by Reese Witherspoon, who also designed the pin that many celebs wore that night.

“This is a moment to shine a light on other people,” said Reese Witherspoon, quoted in The New York Times. who has been working closely with Time’s Up. “This is not the time to be quiet.”

Other tour de forces apart of the movement are Eva Longoria, America Ferrera, Shonda Rhimes, Emma Stone, and Blake Lively to name a few.

“For years, we’ve sold these awards shows as women, with our gowns and colors and our beautiful faces and our glamour,”  Longoria said to The New York Times. “This time the industry can’t expect us to go up and twirl around. That’s not what this moment is about.  This is a moment of solidarity, not a fashion moment,”

This is arguably a bigger movement and stand than seen at award shows past. Last year pins and ribbons were popular at the Oscars.  Recall the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) blue ribbons,  the Stand With Planned Parenthood gold pins, or the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) ampersand pin.  Yes, TIME’S Up did have pins, but this was a total fashion black out and went far beyond a tiny lapel pin.  Black is seen as somber , powerful, respectful, and elegant.

Tracee Ellis Ross said in a statement, “I wear black today as a “we” not as an “I”, as a celebration of our collective power as women, as an embodiment of sisterhood, solidarity and the work being done to create structural change. We wear black for equity, parity and inclusion across all industries. We wear black to join with the voices of ALL women, particularly women of color, LGBTQX women, disabled women and all other women who have been disproportionately affected by sexual violence. TIMES UP on discrimination, harassment and abuse.”

Here are some fashion forward looks of the night; most the looks included pants.  It’s been a popular trend the past few years to mix a dress and pants on the red carpet, made popular by Emma Watson’s 2014 backless red Dior Globes dress with the slim black pants. It is edgy, modern, powerful, and unique.

Some stars did it intentionally.  “Glow” star Alison Brie, who donned the half pants half dress trend said, “Tonight is about women wearing the pants so I chose to literally wear the pants.”



From left to right:

  1. America Ferrera: Christian Siriano & Natalie Portman: Dior
  2. Alexis Bledel: Oscar De La Renta
  3. Debra Messing: Christian Siriano
  4. Elisabeth Moss: Dior
  5. Eva Longoria: Genny
  6. Susan Kelechi Watson: Monsoori
  7. Sadie Sink: Miu Miu
  8. Ryan Michelle Bathe in a fitted tuxedo
  9. Millie Bobby Brown: Calvin Klein
  10. Maggie Gyllenhaal: Monse
  11. Reese Witherspoon: Zac Posen
  12. Laurie Metcalf: Sachin & Babi
  13. Rita Moreno in a studded jacket
  14. Alison Brie: Vassilis Zoulias
  15.  TIME’S UP Lapel Pins designed in part by Witherspoon
  16. Christina Hendricks: Christian Siriano

Most photos are from Elle.Com or stock photos.  All credit goes to the original photographer/source.


Welcome Back; Back on Track

Hello, hello headbandits!

Sorry again for being MIA. I guess we left off at the MET Gala back in May 2017.  If you have read my blog for a while, you know I don’t just write about award shows.  I usually write about my life too and the outfits I’m wearing, but I didn’t have much time for it this past year.  The last 7 months or so of 2017 were heartbreaking and challenging, so that’s why I haven’t been as active.  I am hoping to do a post about my 2017 soon and explain the challenges, the top trends of 2017, as well as creating more content weekly again.  I really want to make writing more a priority for myself.  I hope your 2018 is off to a great start!

Like I said, this is just a quick post, but I’m working on my Globes review as we speak and hoping to share that soon.




Check back shortly!!


Spades forever!


Stay fabulous!



Met Gala 2017: Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between

Hello, hello!

It’s been a while.  I’ve been meaning to post more, but you know how it goes.

I guess I’m at least two weeks late, but it’s better late than never!  Met Gala is my second favorite time of year, after The Oscars.  So much fashion.  Sounds like a fun event too.

I was sad that SJP wasn’t there though!  She is my very favorite and always brings the best high fashion, edgy, most unique outfit at the gala.  I guess she was filming her new HBO show, Divorce, and couldn’t make it with scheduling conflicts. Bummer!

I guess we will just dive in. The theme this year was,  “Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between.” I guess it’s a Japanese designer and label.  I’m not familiar with her designs, but Instyle.com describes her looks as avant-garde.

This is going to be kind of a lazy run down.  I want to get this post out, so I’m just going to show all the pictures of the dresses I liked and not a lot of descriptions ( I know, shame on me).  There were a lot of cool and pretty dresses.

Let’s take a look.  A lot of color and prints, which I like.  I just felt like not many stuck to the theme of avant-garde.  I noticed, from previous Met Gala’s, it seems like only a few of the guests actually stick to the theme.  I guess everyone interprets everything different, but if I ever get invited I’d be so excited to go with the theme.  I did notice some of the girls were doing kind of more edgy makeup, so maybe that’s how they gave a nod to the theme.


Only a few of the girls really stuck out to me as following the theme and/or stuck out to me the most:

I love the pants and dress combo, still to this day.  Kudos to Emmy Rossum and Evan Rachel Wood for doing that.

I thought Tracee Ellis Ross was on par with the theme in her structural, Asian inspired dress, although I could never find the designer.

Rihanna actually wore Comme Des Garcons.  It’s not my favorite look, but for the event I think she hit it right on the mark.

Katy Perry in Margiela.  Not my favorite, but still more the avant-garde look.

I actually love Lily Aldriidge in Ralph Lauren. I’m not sure who made the boots, but I noticed Selma Hayek wore the same pair in blue.  That sheer piece of pink tulle across her face really plays to the theme, in my opinion.




What did you think??


Who were your best dressed??   Let me know.


Spades forever! Stay fabulous!







*all credit goes to Instyle.com for images and original photographer. *

The Oscars 2017 Best Dressed

Hey guys!

So what did you think of The Oscars?  I only saw a few of the movies nominated: Zootopia, La La Land, and Hidden Figures.  Sad to say, I ended up not watching the awards show. I don’t have cable. I guess  I missed out this year especially the flub at the end. Oops!

Of course, I did review the dresses the night of.  For me, I wasn’t super impressed.  Of course all the actresses looked stunning and beautiful, but I didn’t have that many “wow” moments in regards to the dresses.  There was a lot of black/dark colors and nothing that super surprised me.


However, still some emerged different:

  1. I liked Naomie Harris in Calvin Klein. I love a good white dress moment and the simplicity of this dress is one reason I love CK’s red carpet dresses.  I love the minimalist design.  She looks great.

89th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals


2.  Ginnifer Goodwin in Zuhair Murad.  I liked the vibrant color mixed with the dots that were like lace. It gave a vintage vibe. Very her. Also she was great in Zootopia! Glad they won! That movie had a great message.


3. Jamie Dornan’s wife or partner.  I don’t know her name or who designed the dress. I love the shape of the gown with the long sleeves, cape, and of course the dots!!




4. Busy Philipps. I’m not sure who designed the dress. It looks like Stella McCartney. I love the color, fitted shape, and dots.  Plus her make up and sleek hair with the statement earring makes her look modern.




5. Janelle Monáe in Elie Saab Couture and Forevermark Diamonds.  This was probably the only dress that wowed me.  She’s worn really fashion forward and unique pieces all award season and I love her style.  She looks like a queen and very chic.

89th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals


Honorable mentions (from left to right):

1. Giuliana Rancic in Georges Chakra, Forevermark Diamonds, and Christian Louboutin heels.  Love that powder blue color.  She was one of the only one’s in color. I like the cut and the one shoulder type cape going on.

2. Hailee Steinfeld in Ralph & Russo.  I thought she’s looked great all award season, but I didn’t see her at The Globes, I think it was. I like her style.

3. Olivia Culpo in Marchesa. Very 20’s/Gatsby vibe. I like it.

4. Priyanka Chopra in Ralph & Russo.  Very modern and chic. I like the double bracelets. She styled that right without a necklace and her hair down.


I was kind of bummed Taraji P Henson wasn’t nominated for Hidden Figures.  That movie is so inspiring, not only for women and/or women of color, but for people beating the odds. I think Henson has a lot of range as an actress. If you’ve seen her in all the different roles she’s played, she really can do a lot and transform into a lot of different roles.  She has major talent.

I thought Henson deserved to be nominated and win best actress more than Emma Stone, but that’s just my opinion. I didn’t think Stone did much acting in La La Land besides her monologue at the end. Otherwise, it didn’t seem like she had that many lines. I’m probably in the minority here though.  To be honest, I didn’t like La La Land as much as I’d thought.  I think it had some cool parts and how they played with time, especially at the end, but otherwise I thought it was way hyped up.  Maybe I need to see it again, but that was my opinion off the first time I saw it.  There’s this musical called Sing Street and I think it’s on Netflix now.  I thought that was better than La La Land.  They were nominated at The Globes for Best Picture, but otherwise only got a few noms at smaller award shows and none at The Oscars.  Look it up though! It has a great soundtrack. The songs are upbeat and fun.


So…who were your best dressed??


Let me know in the comments below.


Thanks for reading!



Stay fabulous!

Spades forever!




*All photos and information are from InStyle.Com and all credit belongs to their photographers/sources.*