What I Wore: Oregon Coast Style

Hello,hello headbandits!

I wanted to share what I wore on my trip to the Oregon Coast before these pictures get lost in the jumble. When I get my new laptop, I’ll try to write more about it and show you more pictures of what we did. I have a ton on my phone of sea life, the ocean, etc. Everything I wore is very nautical inspired because that’s the only way to dress when on the coast.

But first,what I wore:

So this is Saturday 3/22 before I left. I went to a craft fair with my mom at the high school she works at. Top-given to me, I think it’s American Eagle. Sweater-Forever 21. Hair flower-Walmart. Bag-kate spade Talulip outlet. Flats-Target. Pants-LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s.



Sunday 3/23:driving there. It was a long drive. It was probably about 10 hours total with all the stops. Top-Gap via Goodwill. Shoes-Euro Step via Goodwill. Jacket-American Eagle. Jeggings-Miley Cyrus for Walmart. I didn’t wear the hat until later because I was cold-Goodwill.



Monday 3/24: We went to Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, The Undersea Gardens, Wax Works, an outlet mall, and Sizzler. Phew! What a day. Hair flower-The Madd Hatters. Cardigan-Tommy Hilfiger via Goodwill. Top-Gap. Skinny jeans-Target. Same boat shoes as before. You have to wear boat shoes at the coast!


Tuesday 3/25: We Went to the Aquarium and that’s where I am here. I love sea creatures. I took a ton of cool pictures and will share later. Leggings, leopard flats-Macy’s. Dress, sunnies-Forever 21. Cardigan-Tommy Hilfiger via Goodwill. Same American Eagle jacket. Hat-a craft fair from my mom’s school. The bag is Forever 21 too, but not really visible. It’s basic black. I was really let down. These were the only turtles I saw. How can an aquarium not have turtles?? I love turtles by the way.



Wednesday 3/26: Tillamook Cheese factory. We went on the first day too, but only had time for ice cream. Waiting in line there for the ice cream is like waiting in line for rides at Disney Land; so intense and long. People just love the ice cream that much.  On this day we had more time to tour the facility and deak around. Jacket, bag, shoes, hair flower all mentioned previous. Top-Joe Fresh for JCPenney. Sorry it’s hard to see. Our hotel room did not have a full length mirror-rude! So I had to take my pictures where I could find a mirror or have my mom do it. The top is tiffany blue with white stripes and long sleeved. I got it for 2 bucks! Jegging jeans-Fred Meyer.



Last full day there: Thursday 3/27. We walked around the town we stayed in, Lincoln City, and visited all the little local shops. Then we went to the outlet mall again and Sizzler. Sizzler is such a good throw back. We don’t have them where I live anymore. Here is a better shot of my Forever 21 bag. I put an H key chain on it for the zipper pull. Top-Gap. Pants-Marshalls. Same Euro Step boat shoes. Madd Hatter flower. That jacket is from Macy’s. I’ve never worn it before and have had it for 3-4 years. I’m so glad I brought it. The chest part is extra padded, so it’s like a vest and jacket in one. I wore it to the beach a lot. The brand is Matix.



Here is what I wore on the beach a lot. It was super cold by the beach, so I had to bundle up. I always accidentaliy dress like Waldo. I love his style. Both these pieces are thrifted. The second picture below it is a full shot of what I usually wore on the beach: that warm Matix jacket, Nike yoga pants, and my favorite Puma sneakers. The bottom picture is me far out on the rocks. The only thing I forgot was gloves! I thought about it too and then it slipped my mind. In that bottom picture, I am wearing my dad’s gloves. I also could have brought a few thicker jackets and rain boots! It rained so much there and was super cold and windy. For the most part though, I did good. I loved exploring the beach.




Anyways, thanks for reading and stay fabulous!






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