One Waldo Dress,4 ways

Hello,hello headbandits!

Still no laptop. It’s not that I don’t want a new one,it’s just that I’m thinking. I like to take my time with big decisions. I am such a commitment phobe too. I mean, I can’t even commit to what I’m going to eat for dinner tonight. It’s a struggle for sure.

I’ve been keeping up on blogging,but now I’m a day behind.

Here’s what I wore yesterday Thursday 4/3/14:

Dress-Target kids (5 bucks).  3/4 sleeved top-JCPenney (3.97). Thrifted straw bag (probably under 3 dollars). Flats-Franco Sarto (15 bucks, originally 80-I love them. They are real leather. I need them in every color, but especially black.). Timex watch (free to me because it was a gift). I was wearing my tiffany blue kate spade bracelet too from Nordstrom Rack (I probably paid 10 bucks becuase I had a 25 dollar gift card I used on it) and one I got at a craft fair (a dollar).

Blogging without a computer is a little harder. I’ve been writing posts on my my phone first and then I save it and it shows up on my parents computer as a draft. I just tried to add the jewlrey pics, but it didn’t show up on the computer version. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. It was probably because I had already saved a previous version.  My parents don’t want a lot of data on their computer because it’s slow, so I’m not going to upload the jewlrery pictures. Sadly.

I included the prices because I’m always proud of myself when I get a good deal, but I wanted to show you that you don’t have to have a lot of money to have good style. In fact, you can’t buy style. It is something innate inside of you. Woah, I’m getting a little Emersonian on you, but it’s so true. Most of the times I wear outfits for under 20 bucks or even under 10. I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes, but I do on bags or shoes.


Shoe shots are my favorite. I have so many on my Facebook. It was really nice yesterday. I’d say 55. The other days it’s been in the 50s, it’s been cold and breezy, but yesterday it acutally felt warm and I wasn’t cold. I love not wearing 100 layers.



I wanted to show you some other ways I have remixed this dress. I think remixing your own closet is the ultimate form of sophistication and true innovation. I don’t do it enough. It’s really a way to save money and use everything you have in new ways.


Here’s the first way. I wore this back in December 2013. I don’t have the exact dates. I basically did the same thing as yesterday, but with a long sleeve version of that shirt. I told you I have so many red and navy stripes shirts now. It’s a problem. I might do a blog post about it.  This one is from Gap, but I thrifted it at Goodwill. Leggings-Macy’s. Bag-kate spade kennedy via 75% off online sale. Ugg boots via Nordstrom Rack.

I love mixing prints too and stripes on stripes is my new favorite. I’ve been doing it a lot lately. This works because the shirt has a thicker stripe while the dress has a thinner stripe. That’s something you should keep in mind when print mixing. Keep one print more muted and one print can be louder.  Also, mix prints that are in the same color family.



Here is the second way. I think this is around November 2013. I wore this to a craft fair. It was a Saturday, I remember. I wore a white long sleeved tee under the dress from Forever 21. The sweater is thrifted. Probably the same Macy’s leggings. Hunter rainboots via Nordstrom Rack. kate spade bag via Talulip outlet. Madd Hatters hair flower. Red and teal are one of my favorite combinations.


The last way. This must have been early October 2013 because I didn’t wear a shirt under the dress or tights. This is kind of a bad shot because I have red eyes, but hey, it’s hard to see what picture you pick when you are blogging on a cell phone. I have the same Franco Sarto flats. The bag is Vera Bradley. I love her stuff. I have 4 bags of hers and probably 4 wallets too. She does these fun quilted prints and the insides always have a similar, but different print. The sweater, looks like my Target Coco Chanel cardigain, but this is a lighter version of it. It’s very sheer and more for spring, summer. It’s from Marshalls.



Bonus look. I have the same dress, but in a star print. I got them both in the Target kids section. They were made for the 4th of July. I was so happy when they went on sale for 5 bucks and they had my size left. I buy a lot of my clothes in the kids section, shoes too. They are cheaper and cuter to me.

I was at an antique store here probably early November 2013. I layered a Waldo shirt (thrifted) under it, wore leggings, and my black Uggs. Top it off with a bow headband (Ross), kate spade bag, and LC Lauren Conrad sweater (thrfited) and it’s a perfect Saturday look.




Do you like remixing outfits? How do  you do it? What are some of your favorite combinations?


Ah! One more thing. I just sent this out, so hopefully people on my follower/e-mail list will look at this twice. I just got an e-mail from kate spade this morning and they are doing a friends and family sale in their shops, outlets, and online with promo S14FFUS. It’s 25% off your ENTIRE purchase. It ends Sunday April 6th at 11:59 PM pt. Get on it!


Stay fabulous!







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